Where’s The Money Coming From

By: Ken Hughes

Obama still says he isn’t going to raise taxes on the middle class. He has yet to define what the middle class consists of. One moment it’s anyone earning less than a million dollars then it was dropped down to 250 thousand dollars. One democratic congressman even suggested in may have to drop to as low as 75 thousand dollars for a family of four. That’s getting dangerously close to the poverty level congress has established. Like so many of Obama’s promises they have no top and no bottom. Like many conservatives I question where the money is coming from? Not long ago I had a young college student [Attending on a basketball scholarship] tell me not to worry about the money, “The government prints what money they need.” I’m beginning to think Obama believes this as well. For eight years the left hammered away at George Bush for increasing the deficit. In seven months Obama’s debt increases surpasses Bush’s entire eight years and not a word decent is heard from the left as Obama spends without regard for the deficit. This is proof there’s one set of rules for Non-Liberals and no rules for Liberals.

We can only pray when the new congress takes over in January 2011 there’ll be enough conservatries, Republican, Independent and Blue Dog Democrats to rid the country of those things Obama’s done to bring down the world economies. Obama has promised we can have it all and no one will have to pay for anything, Even Obama’s most ardent followers can’t believe that, there’s always a price to pay. As the sun set on the Bush administration it has yet to rise on the new Obama administration, we’re living in days of darkness with no sunshine in sight.

Obama’s promises of a new more equitable America isn’t materializing. Perhaps that’s because America was never unequal in the first place. When Obama saw what he felt was the lack of opportunity in reality it was the lack of ambition by a minimum of people not taking advantage of the opportunities that have always been out their. Immigrants to this country find and take advantage of the opportunities available to them and everyone. I’ve never seen a legal immigrant take advantage of a welfare program that wasn’t literally forced on them.

As other nations of the world turn away from socialism to more productive market based economies this country rushes to embrace a massive government that will eventually be in total control unless it’s stopped very soon. Socialism professes equality among the messes where the people will be in charge and own everything, in reality the people own nothing and become slaves of their government. When the competitive nature goes out of mans work ethic quality and quantity soon follow, incentive and productivity are kissing cousins and make the entrepreneurial spirit what it is.

Again where’s the money coming from, normally in a market based economy the government operates on a portion of the gross national product. In the past 50 years that portion has increased by borrowing to a point the nation is facing a tremendous debt. Where will the debt end, when it gets to a million billion trillion if there is such a number who’s going to can pay? Does anyone really know what comes after a trillion, I don’t? The two trillion dollar debt [and growing] isn’t on the backs of today’s citizens it’s going to fall on the backs future generation, long after those who created the debt are gone from this earth. How will historians explain to those who will be responsible for our debt and why they’re saddles with it when they neither agreed to nor benefited from the debt?

Presidents and congress are elected to serve the people, there’s nothing in the constitution authorizing either to dictate a lifestyle for the people. Most of my travels have been to third world and former socialist countries. I’ve seen what happens when the government or the military takes control for the greater good, the greater good only applies to a very few and not the masses. We the People have the option of not allowing this to happen to America. For the time being we have free and open elections, where others go to the streets in protest and tear down walls of containment we Americans have the option of going to the ballot boxes every two years. As we see the president and congress thwarting the constitution on a daily bases the time for the public to act becomes critical. The travesties being committed in the name of the greater good must be stopped, the American people can only tolerate so much greater good before it consumes them.

Mark my words unless “We the People” speak up and demands the congress understands the public wants a new set of rules for them [not us] to play fair for their seats in congress or they’ll be playing a game of musical chairs. This country belongs to “We the People” not they the congress and president. If a clear message isn’t sent to the new congress demanding changes in the way they do business they’ll decieve, shuck and jive and slide back into all their old bad habits.

“We the People” can’t blame all the bad behavior of congress on them. They’re like spoiled children left unattended without supervision they run amuck. As citizen many of us aren’t participating in our government the way we should, freedom isn’t free and it can’t be left unattended and expect it to survive. The preamble to the constitution starts with “We the People” and every other document the founding fathers created includes this in one form or another that we the people were the most important part of the new American experiment, of this there is no question we the people have a responsibility to get involved.

When we have a president and a congress that circumvents the rules it’s time the public stand up and protest. We now have a president and congress who calls those citizens questioning their acts terrorist, un-American, racists etc. Now the time has come to change not the citizens but the president and congress. When an administration and congress base their entire administrative mantra on lies and deception then it’s truly time for we the people to demand change.

I repeat at noisome, at the present time “We the People have nothing to fear but our government.”

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