Obama’s Disastrous Policies

By: Craig Chamberlain

I’m not surprised the President Obama’s approval ratings have taken a hit, I’m just surprised that they fell as quickly as they did. On January 20th, when he took the oath of office, his approval rating was above 60%, he was “the one”, and some in the media even likened him to a god. Now, he appears only too mortal. His approval rating, according to some polls, is below 50% now. That means in less than eight months he has gone from being the one, to being done.

It’s far too early to make predictions or to gloat, but if present trends continue not only will the Democrats lose control of Congress in 2010, just four years after they took control, but it’s very likely that President Obama will have to cancel plans to have his face put on Mt. Rushmore, and start packing his things because its likely(if things continue on their present course) that the dear leader will be a one term President.

It’s not hard to see why. Aside from making fairly decent speeches what has he done? He may have started out with decent dose of charisma, but it looks like the spell is starting to wear off. The American people wanted leadership, but we have a President who either doesn’t have a firm understanding of the issues, or he doesn’t care because he’s too busy pushing a radical left wing agenda, and to hell with what the people say, or what the country needs.

On the domestic front his track record is one to test the patience of Job. A massive stimulus bill that is nothing more than a boondoggle for various left wing allies, that runs up even more debt and doesn’t do anything to alleviate economic stress. Then there is cap and tax. How toxic is this bill anyway? In a Congress dominated by political allies he could only muster an eight vote margin of victory in the house (due to renegade Republicans) and the Senate, with its 60 Democrats can’t muster 60 votes of support. The bill is being delayed and probably won’t come to the Senate floor at all.

Then, of course, there is Obamacare. Somehow we’re to believe that the government can spend another trillion dollars and save money? Despite all the rhetoric about the “public option” the American people see this for what it really is: a government take over of healthcare, government control of 1/6 of the American economy, and step one of a government run single payer system that many Democrats, including the late Senator Kennedy, long advocated for.

The American people know that this means government control over a large portion of their private lives, that the government will get to decide what doctors you can see, if any. What procedures you can have done, and what medications, if any, you’ll be allowed to have. They know that it will lead to rationing, that it will give health care to the millions of illegal immigrants living in the country, and will inevitably take health care away from the elderly. And who would have guessed that his approval rating would have taken a hit?

Then there is his foreign policy, or more appropriately, the lack of foreign policy. The only constant that his administration has when dealing with foreign issues is appeasement. Take the side of the anti American dictator every time. When the Iranian people voted against a genocidal tyrant, the President backed the genocidal tyrant. When the congress, courts, and military of Honduras removed a budding dictator from office to preserve their democracy, he sided with the budding dictator.

Then there is his lack of focus on Afghanistan, despite his rhetoric about it being the “good war.” The Taliban are resurgent, the Afghan government is a combination of incompetence and corruption, the people are turning against us and we don’t have a viable strategy. Afghanistan should not be abandoned, doing that would only give victory to the terrorists. But we must have focus. Continue to hunt the Taliban, force President Karzai to clean house or cut support for his regime. Instead of burning poppy fields and angering the peasants we can buy their crops, and destroy them later, and probably at a lower cost than what we are currently doing. At the rate President Obama is going we could very well lose Afghanistan back to the extremists and terrorists.

Given the fact that President Obama hasn’t produced one single domestic or foreign achievement it’s no wonder that the American people are beginning to sour on him. With this kind of tack record he could end up making Jimmy Carter look like an accomplished statesman.

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