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September 5, 2009

My Blue Star Brother in the Military National Guard

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By Michael A Ferguson

This is my personal interest piece on a very special person who happens to be my twin brother. He is in the Army military national guard. I am writing this, I guess, as sort of a way …

Socialist Propaganda against the Church

by Ronald J. Rychlak

My family was in England for the summer while I taught a law course at Cambridge University, and one afternoon my son and I happened upon an interesting program on the radio.

Demonic Nothingness: Gnostic Liberalism’s Eternal ‘Equality’ of Hell

In his article, “How to Argue with (Guilty) Liberals,” Carey Roberts wrote, “Like a demanding and ill-mannered child, liberals are used to getting their way. Whenever they lapse into the losing side of an argument, they reflexively resort to …

The Common Thread: A Bird’s Eye View of the TEA Party Movement

The TEA Party movement, which started for most as a small grassroots effort by disenchanted Americans to voice their disapproval with the government, is now growing to epic proportions. The movement has transcended the bounds of simply being events that …

And You Want To Manage Our Health Care?

George Costanza, the hapless friend of Jerry Seinfeld in his self titled sitcom, was a fairly lazy man. His goal in life was to get paid a healthy salary for doing as little work as possible. In one …