“The goal is non-negotiable; the path is negotiable”

By: Guest Authors

by: Fred D. Aronson

When Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff for President Obama, used the above quote recently he helped Americans understand his conviction that “the end justifies the means”. It confirms that Obama and his liberal cronies are willing to use any trickery, crafty procedure or practice to mislead, deceive or defraud our citizens in order to achieve whatever government crafted, government controlled and government funded left-wing liberal program they have on their agenda. This is particularly true for health care reform. Yes, Americans are cynical and distrustful of Obama and his White House staff but his actions and words over the past several months have made them so.

For Obama and his staff it doesn’t matter how health care change is formulated and what words are crafted to define it. It doesn’t matter if it has a title such as “Health Care Exchange”, “Cooperative Health Care Plan”, “Public Option” or “Government Option”. To them it’s all the same. But, before any plan or option becomes law, the objective of the Obama White House is to ensure the legislation contains the wording that is the essential seed or trigger for growing the program into a nationalized health care system. No matter how small the seed, their goal is to use that seed to launch changes to the program so they can incrementally grow it over the years into a subsidized government health program (socialized medicine) that will one day unfairly compete with the private health care insurance industry.

We can’t say we haven’t been warned by our own American history of those who have previously tried to nationalize our health care system. There are historical accounts of earlier socialists working within our federal government who have tried to reach the same non-negotiable goal. It happened most recently under Truman, Reagan and Clinton.

Obama used lightning-fast “bully” tactics to encourage congress to pass a government health care reform bill before the August congressional recess. That attempt failed and for good reason. Most in Congress lacked a clear understanding of the content and hardly anyone could articulate the substance. The public were outraged that most congressman hadn’t even taken time to read the proposed bill.

But that failure was not wasted. It was Rahm Emanuel who made the point that a good crisis should never go to waste. It turned the tide for conservatives and independents. They have joined forces in a relentless effort to try and defeat any form of government plan that would ration health care to the elderly and threaten our freedom to choose from our own free-enterprise health care alternatives.

Obama’s next tactic was even more insidious. He turned to emotional arguments that encroach on our good will, sentiment and moral values. He hoped to convince us that socialized medicine is the only humanitarian way of caring for every Americans health needs. In a nationwide telephone conference he attempted to persuade a wide audience of over a 1000 clergy to use the pulpit as a tool to convince Americans it would be immoral not to approve some form of a nationalized health care program.

Will there be a “Kennedy Effect”? Liberal Democrats are feeling the backlash of protests as outraged Americans speak out at Townhall meetings. As a result, Obama’s White House staff are alarmed that a Democratic run Congress is having problems building consensus on how to achieve compromise on a healthcare bill. But no one of should believe this will slow down Obama’s insatiable appetite to succeed at all costs. With the passing of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, he and Senate Democrats have added a new twist. They will appeal to public sentiment by pushing to enact healthcare legislation in the name of Kennedy, a man who has championed the cause of a nationalized healthcare scheme for many years. The “Kennedy Effect” should not dissuade Americans from continuing their fight against a government run healthcare system.

No one disagrees that every American deserves good health care. But government’s role is not to supply and mediate health care to all Americans by nationalizing our health care system. Some would even argue that such a federal health care mandate is not legal under the law. That may eventually surface a legal battle for our courts to decide. The question is: Does the federal government have the legal authority to tell every American that they must join and pay taxes for a government run health care system?

Beware! If we fail to stop such a plan we make it possible for Obama and his White House cronies to get a “foot in the door” to begin transforming health care. This is only the first of many of their extreme liberal goals for socialist change. Their success will only serve to empower them to endorse more tax and spend socialized programs that will eventually, over the years, transform our American democracy into a socialist style state. One has to wonder: What will be next? Ours could become a government where liberties and freedoms are endangered by socialist intervention and control. It’s reminiscent of the 1984 “Orwellian” view of an all-knowing, all-seeing intrusive government that focuses on a repressive, totalitarian, collectivist society. We must unite against socialists who would dominate our politics.

Because the White House believes their goals are non-negotiable, but the path is, we need to question every utterance made by Obama and his cronies. They have shown they will say anything to appease Americans and manipulate public opinion. Once they gain the upper hand they work behind closed doors to achieve their goals even though these goals are not consistent with what they promised.

If Obama or his staff make something sound too good to be true then it probably is. How do they do this? It’s simple. Their rhetoric often obscures their real purpose. The details are missing until they find an ideal opportunity to establish their actual agenda. It’s smoke and mirrors. A case in point was the 2008 Presidential campaign.

When a majority of American voters choose Obama’s “Change we can believe in,” they weren’t thinking in terms of wholesale and expensive overhauls of systems they didn’t believe were broken, or in a rising tide of national debt that will put a chokehold on our future and that of our children. During Obama’s campaign for the presidency he proved to be a gifted speaker who appeared to be a moderate with centralist views on the kind of changes needed to renew the American dream. It was uplifting and people bought into his dream. But he was divisive. His left-wing liberal agenda for change was never laid on the table for all to see.

Throughout his campaign he was deceitful. He talked in generalities without providing important details. He made promises about his plans for the American people without ever telling us how those promises would be kept. Again, the American people were taken in by his charismatic style and show of confidence. After his election his true left-leaning colors emerged.

He’s shown himself to be the product of his earlier years and long history of associations with socialists, communists, radical liberals and Chicago style “thug” politics. He says whatever is needed to garner support and then disappoints his supporters by setting his own goals and agenda, just as he did when running for the presidency.

Obama has proven he’s not only untrustworthy, but he uses his craft with words to misrepresent the truth. He tells you only what he wants you to know and makes it sound like it’s something you’ve got to have. What a salesman! But he never defines the details, and the devil is in the details, that represent the cost and sacrifices Americans are expected to make. People are beginning to recognize this fact.

Obama and his cronies are also disingenuous and they have polarized Americans by vilifying and ridiculing opponents of their economic stimulus and health programs. They call opponents “fear mongers” that use “irrational behavior” and “lies” to disrupt the White House agenda. As a result, the President’s popularity is dwindling as he loses the respect, faith, hope and trust of the American people.

There will always be the handful of diehard far-left liberals who will refuse to believe Obama’s approach to change is counterproductive. So far these changes have done nothing to heal our broken economy or energize growth in the job market. The Stimulus Bill, Cap and Trade, Government Run Health Reform and Cash for Clunkers are examples of his failed policies. Cash for Clunkers has become nothing more than a “give away” of our hard earned tax dollars to benefit a few hundred thousand individuals. The Stimulus Bill has funded hundreds of government inspired “Pork” programs that are costing billions. A huge amount of this money is being unfairly steered to states and localities that supported Obama in his bid for the presidency. Americans are rebelling because they are beginning to realize the total deficit spending on all these programs will drastically increase the tax burden of every American, their children and generations to come.

Obama’s abilities as a Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief are also coming under scrutiny as people begin to witness his uninspiring style of leadership, his arrogance and his inability to be open, honest and well informed when discussing key issues. Americans are even more troubled by his far-left socialist vision. They’re alarmed by the encroachment of socialism that threatens the democrat values of the majority of Americans. They look to our legacy of a President who has sworn to preserve and protect our indisputable rights and freedoms in an open and free democracy as defined by the principles of our Constitution.

Remember: Socialism, Liberalism and Progressivism are collectively similar. They are all cut from the same cloth and their views and goals only vary by a small measure.

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