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September 7, 2009

Kooks Now Run The Asylum, Part 1

Filed under: Politics In General - 07 Sep 2009

Every four years, the inauguration of the President sets the tone for the direction in which those in the highest executive office hope to steer the nation. Since that is the case, the American people should be very concerned …

Human Trafficking Generates Billions in Profits; Obama Ignores This Crime

Filed under: Politics In General - 07 Sep 2009

Globally, alien smuggling generates billions of dollars in illicit revenues annually and poses a threat to the nation’s security, according to a government report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Creation of the Department of Homeland Security …


Obama Violates Federal Law to Indoctrinate Your Children

Washington, DC – In what many analysts believe is both an unprecedented and wildly inappropriate partisan move, President Obama has announced that on Tuesday, September 8, he will do an end run around …

Korean-Iran Affair – Yes, North Korea Caught Shipping Weapons to Iran

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 07 Sep 2009

Back in the Cold War Days, there was the Iran-Contra Affair, but today we have the North Korean-Iran Affair. That’s right the UAE, United Arab Emirates took control of a ship containing North Korean weapons on its way to Iran.

Obama Wants Americans to Remember 9/11 by Fighting “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists”

Our president seems to believe himself more King than elected representative. Barack Obama has shown himself to be as despotic as George III through overly harsh taxation and forcing his will on the people. Like George used the …