Korean-Iran Affair – Yes, North Korea Caught Shipping Weapons to Iran

By: Lance Winslow

Back in the Cold War Days, there was the Iran-Contra Affair, but today we have the North Korean-Iran Affair. That’s right the UAE, United Arab Emirates took control of a ship containing North Korean weapons on its way to Iran.

The weapons included IEDs, armored piercing RPG rounds, and other serious weapon components, although it was not stated. This is a serious violation of UN Sanctions against both countries. We’ve known that Iran and North Korea have been doing a little weapons business over the years, but now this is hard evidence, and the UAE is quite concerned.

In fact, the UAE and other nearby nations have been rapidly gearing up and bolstering their own military expenditures during the last many years. The shipment of illegal weaponry was hidden and labeled “oil field hardware” but in actuality once the crates were open, it was obvious that nothing inside had anything to do with oil. It had to do with the types of weapons used to kill US Troops in Iraq, and the RPG armored tips used by insurgents.

Likewise, some of these devices may have been headed for Hezbollah, as that group has been stockpiling. But whatever the case, it is obvious that both Iran and North Korea are in bed together and those illegitimate regimes are busy scheming for war, rather than to come clean on their nuclear weapons plans.

Apparently, those who’ve sided with either North Korea or Iran politically on the issue of nuclear weapons must rethink why they are continuing such support. Clearly this is going to continue to be a problem and something must be done. Please think on this.

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