Secretly Brainwashing

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

Our President Barack Hussein Obama “the chosen one” has decided in all his obvious self proclaimed wisdom, to address the American school children. This seems to be very innocent enough as he is expected to administer sound educational advice to all those who wish to listen. This would have been a very welcomed pertinent jester of guidance if it wasn’t extended from an individual that has some obvious unpublicized secrets in his own educational history, not to mention him tipping the scales towards a favorable Marxist ideology.

When any form of new leadership who wishes to express new and radical changes to a country’s beliefs and principles they start by brainwashing their youth. The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a very profound statement, which extends itself to human beings. It would be a very difficult process to force changes in anyone’s philosophy especially when one’s age is above puberty.

This has been a documented successful procedure which was used throughout history, by the most infamous unstable violent dictators that the world produced. This method of altering and shifting the course of a group of people’s way of life unfortunately when used correctly has been known to successfully adverse the transformation of a society into mindless zombies, fearful of the government, with limited or no freedoms.

Usually administered through tolerance, smiles and pleasantries, obtaining the trust and confidence of their victims as would a wolf is in sheep’s clothing. This enhanced pleasing form of introduction would be used to trick, manipulate and provide a welcome doormat to the unsuspecting innocent, solidifying and gaining their support, trust, and loyalty. It was without a doubt the most valuable tool in the arsenal of mind control and hypnosis that has been proven to be one most effective ways to manipulate a struggling society.

History has backed this radical form of physiological intimidation, by producing these leaders of the past, such as Karl Marx, Lenin, of Russia, Mao Chi Chung of China, who also wrote a book of his own teachings in which every child was literally required to carry, read, memorize, follow and worship. Ho Chi Minh, of Viet Nam, and the most infamous cunning unbalanced dictator in history Adolph Hitler, who established youth camps, stressed children to report any misconduct by their parents to the government, and incredibly having them take an oath of allegiance, to himself, Adolph Hitler.

This you may say will never happen in this great Country of the United States of America, but don’t be so optimistic. The family structure has obviously reached meltdown status. Some of our youth are being raised by grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles or generous unselfish providers, by no fault of their own. They were either abandoned by either one or both of their parents, drug related, violence, prison, and lack of civility. They may also be raised by a dedicated loving parent or parents, who are doing the right thing, by working multiple jobs to properly raise their child which unfortunately limits a unified family.

These children crave acceptance, confidence, self esteem, love, guidance and affection. These essential human traits if not found in the home, will untimely be sought elsewhere. These deficiencies also increases immorality

Our Children, no matter what their status, are being affected and influenced by singers, dancers, actors, comedians, liberals, socialistic organizations and gangster role models. Little or no morals are being accepted or respected. Parents are being compromised continuously by these infectious individuals, by reducing their proper authority.

Fathers, Mothers and guardians are having less control and input relating to their children’s educational development and curriculum by liberal school boards, districts and teachers with lifetime tenures. This is a breeding ground for an individual with an alternative agenda to move right in and capture their attention. If you need any further examples, look at this past presidential election, where these unscrupulous individuals were controlling, not only the election process but also predetermining the anointing and indoctrination of the chosen one, our President Barack Huessin Obama.

Obviously, no one is accusing our President, Barack Hussein Obama, the chosen one as being similar or in the same category as these unorthodox dictators mentioned, but why is he so determined to speak nationally to each an every child, requiring all schools to monitor and listen? We had Presidents in the past speak at schools but none nationally subjecting all to adhere to their philosophies and rhetoric.

Imagine if President George W. Bush attempted this without any objection from the main stream media and the Socialist Democrats. Why is President Barack Hussein Obama, the chosen one given a free ride which might permanently affect all our children? We must protect our children at all cost, before they find themselves in a position of limited prospects, limited prosperity and forced government control with no self determined future. If we allow this to happen, it will clearly mark the start of America’s demise of a free capitalistic Country.

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