Trust Your Dog Not This Government

By: Ken Hughes

It’s a sad day when “We the People” are cast aside by our elected officials as irrelevant nuisances. The Washingtonians consisting of President Obama, his staff and advisers, the 111th congress its leaders and the thousands of bureaucrats who manage the affairs in the nation’s capital are treating mainstream Americans with such disrespect it’s unbelievable. I and most Americans have reached the point that we trust our pets than in our government. The founding fathers created a system of government where the people were the ultimate authority. That authority has eroded until the people have become the victims of a government who considers them irrelevant in the political process.

When politicians have no fear attacking the integrity of their constituents the arrogance of power has gone to far. It seems during the August vacation when congress men and women traditionally return to their home districts to report back to the people this August the reporting took a strange turn. Rather than reporting they returned to inform the voters of their intentions of creating a government run health care system, an entirely green energy system and a bailout for banks and the take over of the auto industry. We the people own this country and its government and we weren’t being ask we weren’t even consulted we were being told by the congress and president Obama how things were going to be in the future. We were told in not so many words the constitution and democracy were no longer compatible with greater good, the constitution and democracy would have to be sacrificed. Those words “We the People” are nearly always the preamble for a democratic government. Pseudo dictators like Obama don’t understand these words.

Americans are slow to anger they take much in stride and normally settle their differences with their elected officials at the ballot box. This August things were different. The arrogance of President Obama and Congress went too far and the people reacted. When politicians have the audacity to call the people whom they rely on to remain if office, un-American, terrorists and racists they’ve stepped over the line of decency. Obama would never suggest racism plays a roll in the disapproval of his policies, he understands the black vote alone couldn’t elect him president. His supporters use race as the mother milk of their political beliefs. Racism has become the battle cry of black politicians and their supporters, much to their detriment as they’ll soon discover. In good times the American people will tolerate a lot verbal abuse when the economies tightens up most Americans expect even those unproductive citizens to take the hits with out complaining and do something along with everyone else, in tough times there should be no privileged class.

Suggesting racism exists as a wide spread policy in America today is like suggesting Jesus was a Christian heretic. More often than not these days racism comes out of the mouths of blacks!

Why change America, this nation has lead the world in technologies of every kind. America has been the birthplace and the cradle of individual freedoms for the past 200 years and more. People migrate to America not away from it, we are a nation of immigrants who came here fleeing from poverty or oppression in our home lands. Every Immigrant who came to America found opportunities and most took advantage if them. The mythical gold in the streets of America was for a better word opportunity. If opportunity is the most we can offer then there is nothing better we can give, Progressives / Liberals complain about the disparity in the division wealth of America, I submit there is an equal disparity in the efforts made to obtain that wealth. In the liberal world words take the place of work, in the real world hard work must still come first and always be preeminent

The current team Obama screams for equality in the work place, they want management to earn the same wages as a shop foreman. Yet liberals refuse to address the excessive incomes of actors and actresses, lawyers, academics, authors and especially sports figures. Where is the equality in that I ask you? Barack Obama wrote a book with the help of a cadre unpaid University of Chicago interns “Dreams of my Father” that had no intellectual value and earned in excess of four million dollars. Had Obama been true to his beliefs he would have shared equally with those interns and ghost writers who did the actual work writing the book. This is Obama paraphrasing JFK “Ask not what I can do for you ask instead what I expect you to do for me.”

A very memorable line came out of the Humphrey Bogart move The Treasures of Sierra Madre, “Badges we don’t need no stinking badges!” That same line paraphrased can apply to Obama health care today, “We don’t need no stinking government health care, we don’t need no stinking liberals “.

Barack Obama is intent on reeducating white children to appreciate the values of a welfare society and all that goes with it. He has yet to address the real problem that more than 60 % of urban children drop out of high school by the second year. That 70 % of the nation’s prison population are incarcerated for drug related problems and that 40 % of urban teen girls are unwed mothers by age 16. The real tragedy is the majority of these groups are African Americans. Liberal welfare programs were never intended to eliminate the problem rather they were designed to enable them. To quote the old liberal adage “Keep them barefoot pregnant and stupid and they’ll follow you into hell!” From his years of working the streets of Chicago Obama knows very well how to play the system for the most he can get. When the system fails to produce he changes course and takes a new approach we see it everyday in his briefings. To put it politely Obama is a charlatan of the first order.

Barack Obama took on an 800 pound gorilla he never expected to meet. And that is the real American people who I seriously doubt he knew existed. I think Obama thought all Americans were either government employees or government welfare babies, he was unaware their exists a working class America out there who has a brain and can think and make decisions for themselves. Pity Obama now he knows the truth is out, there is a God and he / she loves conservatives.

Don’t let your Dog register as a Democrat, they’ll eat him / her for sure.


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