I Love Animals … Really

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By: Joseph Harris

Everyone has heard of PETA. If your computer brain cannot quite pull it up, PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The good folks at PETA are basically animal lovers turned loony. I never cease to be amazed at their lunacy. Several years back, the Boy Scouts of America had to contend with a Peta assault. Now keep in mind that the Boy Scouts, which is an institution as American as apple pie, have already had to defend themselves against atheists, who were unhappy because GOD was a part of the Scouts. Next, the feminists railed against them because there were no GIRLS in the BOY Scouts (Brilliant, Huh! That’s why there is a Girl Scouts of America). Then, of course, the gays began harassing and suing because the wholesomeness of the Scouts would not allow homosexual men to be scout leaders. And then, PETA launched their assault at the Scouts.

Why? The Scouts offer proficiency badges in certain areas of accomplishment, specifically in the area of . . . ARE YOU READY FOR THIS – SHUDDER – HORRORS, etc. . . . fishing. I know what you are thinking and I am just as shocked! Now those God-loving, gay bashing, girl hating scouts are torturing and killing innocent little fish.

I realize my sarcasm is a little strong, but PETA really got upset because fish are being maimed and killed and scouts rewarded for the act. No joke. But death is normally what happens to fish after you catch them. I prefer my fish be dead before I eat them. Same thing with squirrels, rabbits, deer, chickens, cows, etc. Like I said, I LOVE animals. But then, PETA is not happy when any animal is killed for man’s benefit. God may have created animals before He created man, but He created animals for man. Remember, God gave man dominion over animals, not the other way around. Any animal killed should be for the benefit of man (that includes self-defense), or otherwise, I agree that it is wrong to kill the animal, but leave it to PETA and you could never kill a mosquito or roach.

Here is still another example of how ludicrous bleeding-heart liberals can become without using Scripture as their guide. I’ll bet no PETA member is also a joint member of PETHE, People for the Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos, because, like their cousins in Greenpeace, they think animal life is more valuable than human life. It’s difficult to find a PETA or Greenpeace member who has the same passion for protecting human babies in the womb, as they have for endangered animals and trees. Note the following lines I recently penned in the form of a limerick:


Those people at PETA are loving.

They save baby seals from a clubbing,

For fish, birds and deer,

They shed a big tear,

But a child in the womb counts as nothing.

Personally, I think I’ll start my own organization, PAPETA, People Against People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. All prospective members contact me.

Joseph Harris is the Vice President of Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel, MS.

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