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September 10, 2009

Barry’s Little Helpers

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As we all well know, President Obama has been taking a lot of criticism because he is assembling his own private army of Czars. All across the Internet, Bloggers have been giving him free advice and telling him these …

Obama Blaming Bush Isn’t Cool

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What will Obama do, blaming Bush isn’t getting the job done the way Obama had it planned? Bush didn’t take the bait he continued to swim at the deep end of the lake where Obama’s politics wasn’t polluting the waters. …

Basic Economics We All Need To Understand

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By Ben Cerruti

Reading what follows may be of help if you are one who would like to have a better understanding of what the recent and future actions of our government may have on our economic future.

Democrats + National Security = Disaster

He who opens the gate allowing the enemy to enter is the true enemy.

The Democrat-led Congress are battlers, nothing less than rabid war mongers. They have declared war, and have engaged in unrelenting battle upon battle against morality, the …