Obama Blaming Bush Isn’t Cool

By: Ken Hughes

What will Obama do, blaming Bush isn’t getting the job done the way Obama had it planned? Bush didn’t take the bait he continued to swim at the deep end of the lake where Obama’s politics wasn’t polluting the waters. The good thing about Obama stumbling around in the dark bouncing from one crisis to the next is now the public can assess George Bush’s presidency without a media bias clouding the issues. The national media is still blaming Bush but the national media has become a dinosaur among news providers. The Internet, Talk Radio and Cable News are where the majority of the public tune to learn the truth about daily events. There’s a decided difference between the national Medias Dot Com reporting and what they spew in print and over the air waves. Because Team Obama has disparaged many of the news sources that could have perhaps been kinder to him had they not tried to make Obama a hero and the reporters the villains. Media bias has alienated a large portion of voters who supported and voted for Obama, [no more.]

There’s a price to pay for making advocacies villains in order to impress people. On a small scale it’s often overlooked as just politics as usual but when it becomes the center point of any administration disaster usually follows. Every time Obama contradicts his yesterday’s promises with todays revisions the public becomes just that much more skeptical. How can they trust someone who can’t stand by his message for at least 24 hours? Leadership is about commitment and sticking with it. Obama doesn’t seem to recognize the difference between campaigning and governing. Candidates are expected to brandish the facts to fit the situation, presidents are not. Presidents swear an oath to do their best for all the people without bias. Denigrating those who aren’t in agreement is not being presidential, it’s being dictatorial and there’s no room in American politics for dictators.

As Dick Morris very aptly put it, Team Obama was very good at selling the product [Obama] but very lax in making it operational. Obama’s first six months his mistakes were directed by behind the seen advisors by Teleprompter. In the last month he seems to be on his own running around as though he were on roller skates bumping into his previous commitments knocking them out of the way. It’s becoming obvious Obama’s apologists can’t keep up with Obama’s blunders. It’s also obvious Obama isn’t about to slow down and allow Team Obama to catch up. As it’s been suggested it isn’t Obama’s color that’s going to be his down fall it’s his ears that don’t hear and a mouth that won’t stop. To put it in Truckers terms his mouth is in overdrive and his brain is in an off mode. Better yet to quote LBJ, “Obama can’t f*rt and chew gum at the same time”.

From the beginning of the republic presidents have staged many of their most memorable moments, none to the degree of the Obama administration. Barack Obama has more JFK moments than JFK had. Obama uses his children as props about as frequently as he uses Air Force One then tells the Media [with a wink and a nod] his children are off limits. The only time we knew Bush had daughters was when the Media was able to catch them doing something normal that college students do. The Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Bush children were never paraded around on leashes like they were performing at a Westminster Dog Show.

Obama was ushered into the Whitehouse as if he was the second coming of the Messiah, The only similarity between Obama and Jesus is in their former religions they worshiped other Gods. In Obama’s case the jury is still out on that one. Obama is like a Gibson Guitar he was created by the most skilled craftsmen in the field using the finest materials, when he gets on stage and there’s no one there who knows how to pluck the strings he sounds like hell.

George Bush was a very unassuming man, Barack Obama is all assuming. Bush made his decisions and stood by them. Obama floats his decisions then alters / adjusts them to meet the particular criticisms of the day, that’s not being very presidential it’s being very politically expedient. A presidential candidate can create any illusion, true, half true or false and get away with it. Because the world doesn’t always adhere to the spoken word presidents are required to deal with reality something Obama has yet to admit even though in his heart he knows it’s true otherwise why would he follow so many of Bush’s policies?

America is unique in that we’re not a tribal society we’re a homogenous people from all corners of the globe. I venture to guess if Barack Obama’s DNA were available for testing it would read like a World Atlas; his political views are far more restrictive than his DNA. Being non-tribal makes Americans more aware of the controversies surrounding questionable government policies. It also allows every American the right to question said policies. This right is being questioned by Team Obama and their supporters, a right clearly spelled out in the constitution. If the public is questioning Obama’s health care legislation it’s because it’s not being explained in clear enough terms to be understood, that’s Obama’s [bad] not those citizens doing the questioning. Those people questioning at town hall meetings and tea party meeting are not paid, bussed in or otherwise encouraged by the RNC, they are concerned citizens and only concerned citizens. The RNC doesn’t have an ACORN a Move-on-dot-Org or Union Thugs with busses to move professional protesters across the country to disrupt the people legitimately expressing their concerns.

A number of my liberal friends are outraged everyone isn’t falling in line with all things Obama. They forget they were outraged at every word Bush uttered in his eight years as president. Liberals don’t believe in the constitution or the republic we Americans have come to love and respect for the past 200 plus years. America leads the parade in prosperity and freedom while the rest of the world watches. America was, is and always will be a shining example to the world. Once we get past this current Obama blip.

If I’m wrong about President Barack Obama may a thousand Camels spit on my grave!

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