It’s September the 10th

By: Craig Chamberlain

We’re coming up on the eight anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Remember those? Three thousand Americans were murdered by bloodthirsty, barbaric, Islamofascists. I wouldn’t blame anyone for not remembering. The current administration has done everything in its power to make the American people forget. There too busy trying to pass cap and tax, and nationalize healthcare to be bothered with little things like protecting the lives of Americans.

There were many people who were critical of the Bush Doctrine, but it has to be worlds better than what passes for foreign policy under President Obama. President Bush toppled unstable, violent, dictatorships and fought to replace them with democratically elected governments that were more stable and friendlier to the US. President Obama just supports the dictators.

He couldn’t wait to pronounce Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of the Iranian elections when the fraud was as big as the ears that frame his head. In Honduras, where the President was working overtime to become President for life, the Obama administration has announced that unless this wannabe dictator is installed back into power we will not recognize the government that will be chosen in December by free and fair elections. The President wants closer ties to Castro and to Chavez, or anyone who is in favor of a totalitarian state.

If the President isn’t giving groveling speeches to foreign governments he is actively working to make America weaker. Upon taking office he slashed the defense budget, the only part of the budget to see a decrease, he eliminated the F-22 program, which would have insured American dominance of the skies.

Iran feverishly works to produce a nuclear weapon, and the administration does nothing. Venezuela forges an anti American alliance, subsidizes Iran with 20,000 barrels of free gasoline everyday, and Washington stands by smiling. Like all leftists they hate their own country, we’re the ones to blame if something goes wrong. It’s our fault for living. They despise America and the west so much that they will make common cause with any tyrant, or movement, that wants the west to fall no matter how dangerous, virulent, and tyrannical they are.

He chastises Israel, but turns a blind eye to the brutality and inhumanity that is so pathological throughout the Arab world. Jerusalem adds another suburb, and it’s a world crisis. Palestinians vow to restart the holocaust and no one pays any attention. Again we see an automatic hostility to a Democratic, western nation.

Even in Afghanistan, the one nation where President Obama is actually trying to fight, he’s not doing a good job. Despite the new troops we’ve added, our NATO allies refuse to fight or they have their hands tied by idiotic rules from back home. The Taliban is resurging, we don’t have a strategy, and most in the Democratic party are calling for a withdrawal from the country and using an “offshore” strategy of firing cruise missiles into empty camps. You know that was the strategy that worked so well under President Clinton.

The main reason for all this incompetence is clear: as far as the Democrats are concerned September 11th, 2001 may as well not have happened. If they remember it at all it’s to observe a moment of silence on the anniversary. They tend to think that it won’t happen again, that we overreacted to the attacks, or that we invited the attacks on ourselves. This kind of mentality that infects the Obama administration will only make America weaker, put lives in danger, and cause another attack in the future.

This type of thinking isn’t only stupid and dangerous, it’s borderline treasonous. It’s the main responsibility of the President to defend the United States, it’s clear that he doesn’t take the responsibility seriously. Let’s hope that Democratic incompetence doesn’t get another three thousand Americans killed.

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