White Men / Women Have Civil Rights

By: Ken Hughes

Supporters of Barack Obama seem to question if white voters have any rights. The accusations of racism are circulating over the president like buzzards over road kill. Rather than being a fact racism is being used by Team Obama as a ploy to divert attention away from his real problem and that’s his indecisiveness. Obama is like one of those wind socks used at small air ports, he points in the direction the wind is blowing at any given moment. Then he leaves it to others to explain his mind changes for him. President Obama and liberals in congress made an inexcusable error when they challenged the concerns of the public. If the public questioned Obama’s health care legislation it was because it hadn’t been clearly explained to them. The public has every right to know what’s in store for them, no where is it written the government can operate in secrecy. There’s an inexcusable arrogance in the current congress and the presidency that’s reached a point of intolerance for their non-acceptance by the public concerns.

The civil rights legislation of 1964 wasn’t written for blacks only, it was written to correct the evils of all of humanity to that point. Like so many things that become law in this country a few distort the original meaning to fit their own personal purposes. With the help of the media these distortions become accepted with only minimum questioning, the media’s always been strong with allegations and weak with clarifications, controversy sells presenting the facts not so much.

There are three classes of liberals those who cry racism when thing aren’t going as they like and those who know better but know it’s one of those toxic words that incites controversy and those brain dead liberal followers who accept anything their told as gospel. The truth is bigotry and racism has been taken over as the new black battle cry by the African American community leaders and the second truth is it isn’t working. “Poor Black Me” is no longer accepted as the shout heard across America that’s been used to often when it shouldn’t have been. The public has grow tired of hearing how minorities are treated when they know minorities in America live better and have more privileges than many of the working poor. Obamanomics has made many middle class Americans fear how close they’re coming to joining the ranks of the poor. More than the land of the free America is becoming the land of fear.

Team Obama has greatly misjudged the people outside of Washington, people where the real money is coming from. Not the money that’s flowing off the government printing presses but the real money that backs up the trillions Obama and congress are foolishly spending. There’s no good fairy that can wave a magic wand and make it all better. Obama will soon discover the welfare fairy is running out of fairy dust. Every society in the history of mankind that’s tried to make all men equal has failed because all men are not equal God never intended them to be equal. God gave every critter on earth including man cretin unique skills to get them from infancy to eternity. Some critters learned to utilize their skills and survive. Some men learned to utilize their skills prosper and survive while some rely of the generosity of others, demands for more shouldn’t be included in that generosity. The day of economic atonement is here and Obama can’t manipulate the consequences to his liking, there are things out there larger than Obama’s ego.


There’s no question heath care can use some refining making it more assessable to all the citizens who want it. There is no question as long as it’s being used as a political tool for Democrats and Republicans to beat each other up with nothing worthwhile is ever going to get accomplished. This is an issue far too important to all Americans to be decided by one side or the other and to be decided by thousands of pages of legislation that has everything including the kitchen sink included in it. Each side claims the other side is distorting the facts when the truth is there are no facts to distort. Neither side has presented a comprehensive package that addresses the real issues pertaining to health care. The left claims there are 45 to 50 million uninsured when the fact is there are less than 12 million who want and can’t afford health insurance. No one in Americas is dying in the streets for lack of medical attention. Everyone in America isn’t earning the right and isn’t entitled to solid gold health plans. Too many people in this country expect the government to take care of all their essentials so they can spend money on toys. That isn’t the way a democratic republic works, we’re not all our brother’s keepers and our entitlements are limited to those written in the constitution and endowed by God.

American citizenship comes with a curse, because were are so blessed with opportunity and because most of us are decedents of poor and disheveled immigrants from other countries we purge our guilt for our successes by sharing our good fortune with others. Our politicians haven’t learned giving creates dependents while sharing can create responsible partners. Government financed health care will do harm to the system and the people will suffer. Most government programs are written and administered by people who don’t have a clue to what’s needed rather they concentrate on what’s politically expedient. Competition is an evil concept for liberals to accept, competition is what brings down prices and improves services. Open competition [sans] excessive government regulations is the only way to make health care affordable for everyone who wants it.

There’s a place for government in administering health care rules and that’s by passing sound and reasonable laws for health care providers and insurers to follow that protect the public and allow providers to make reasonable profits for their investments. While we’re at it maybe it would be a good idea to set limits on what portion of GNP the government is allows to tax and spend. Perhaps it’s time to regulate congress and not businesses and the public. If the protests of the past month have proven anything it’s that “We the People” seem to be a lot smarter than those we elect to represent us in Washington.

Don’t allow a small group of Socialists to destroy 200 years of sacrifice and progress. In 2010 elect a balanced conservative congress from both parties, end the madness.

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