Health Care, Taxation, Free Speech, and Illegal Immigration Debates Entwine


With opposition to illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty emerging at town hall meetings dealing with Health Care Reform and Senator Chuck Schumer’s looming Amnesty legislation, the illegal immigration issue is merging with Health Care.

“Illegal immigration remains one of the top issues of concern with American voters, next to the war and the economy,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The non-enforcement of our immigration laws and resultant illegal immigration is driving up the costs of Health Care, driving up taxes, increasing our national debt, and punishing innocent American families in numerous ways!”

The current Health Care Reform bill (HR 3200), has language that claims illegal aliens will not receive health care benefits under the legislation, however there are no enforcement measures in the bill so the claim is moot. A recent release from the Center for Immigration Studies finds that 6.6 million illegal aliens could benefit from this new legislation costing American taxpayers 31 Billion!

“Illegal aliens are already draining billions of dollars out of our health care and taxation systems each year, they are taking these things from us, they are stealing from us and stealing is wrong,” said William Gheen.

New polling information could become a political death blow to Obama’s plans to radically overhaul America’s Health Care and Immigration Laws!

Rasmussen Reports has released polling data showing that 83% of Americans oppose illegal immigrants or illegal aliens receiving any “government health care subsidies”. Opposition crossed all racial, gender, and political party lines. Only 12% of those surveyed support health care subsidies for illegals.

This new fusion of the Health Care and Illegal Immigration debates combined with new polling data showing a super majority of Americans oppose the Obama plans for Health Care and Immigration Reform bodes ill for the Obama administration.

“As Americans we want our borders secured and our existing immigration laws enforced and we don’t want any taxpayer resources going to illegal aliens,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “This Health Care Reform bill will benefit illegal aliens directly or indirectly, if Senator Schumer and Obama change our laws to accommodate and legalize 15 million illegals with their Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty, which Schumer said he will submit next week!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on supporters nationwide to distribute the new poll showing 83% opposition to benefits for illegal aliens, to attend and speak out against illegal immigration and Amnesty at town hall meetings, and to attend and support 9/12 and Taxpayer Tea Party events with signs opposing illegal immigration and Amnesty and any politician siding with the illegal aliens.

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