Still In Fear of the Religion of Peace?

By: Michael John McCrae

The article was: “Yale Removes Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad From Forthcoming Book, Citing Fears of Violence, Tuesday, September 08, 2009 (From the Fox News Website)

The First Amendment of the Constitution has taken another punch in the nose. Yale University has censored a book out of fear. They fear Muslim violence. Well this makes perfect sense. Everyone should fear Muslim violence. Muslim violence brought the United States death in Lebanon, death in Aden, death in Somalia, death in Saudi Arabia, death in Afghanistan, death in Iraq, death in Bosnia, death in Scotland, death in Israel, death in Pennsylvania, death in Washington, D.C. and massive death in New York City. There is plenty to fear.

Just this paragraph…you can read the rest if you’re interested by finding the article. But quoting: “Yale University Press, which the Ivy League school owns, removed the 12 caricatures from the book “The Cartoons That Shook the World” by Brandeis University professor Jytte Klausen — which is scheduled to be released next week.” You can also find the book after its release.

There are two sides to every argument. The school is afraid because of the history of the cartoons in question. Already more than 200 people over many countries have been killed over the cartoons. Understand; these cartoons are considered inflammatory to the religion of peace. The religion of peace cannot take a joke. Yale is just being wise not to push against history.

The other side of the argument is the Freedom of Speech side. That would be the American Constitution side. That would be the same America that preaches both freedom of speech and freedom of worship side. That side says the author of the book can include anything to make its full case. To censor any part of the argument is to not give that side of the argument a full and complete hearing of the evidence.

The surprise here is that the book purportedly has nothing bad to say about Muslims in general. It is simply a book which speaks of the cartoons and their impact on world societies. So it appears you cannot even put a smiley face on the Muslim community without coming under both intense scrutiny and censorship. Of course, this is true these days, if you are writing anything about Muslims, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

I do want to add this quote: “The university said it consulted counterterrorism officials, Muslim diplomats, the top Muslim official at the United Nations and other mostly unidentified experts in making its decision.”

Okay, so Yale was thorough before making its decision to censor the book. But what does this imply? This implies the attitude of fear is immediately and completely present in America. Everything is being strained through the “Will it upset Muslims?” mindset! If only half the care were taken in the “Will it upset Americans?” mindset that world might actually become peaceful.

Do Muslims have any idea at all how upset Americans are that they are being killed on a regular basis by Muslims? Do they even care? My personal opinion is they may have stopped dancing in the streets, but they still dance behind closed doors every time they see an article like this one cited above.

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