One Public Option Purge Congress

By: Ken Hughes

Purging congress may be the only realistic public option available to the American people. It seems obvious the president and the congressional leadership have no intention of listening to the public outrage at how they’re managing government affairs. There’s a separate America that doesn’t show up on any map. It isn’t one of our states nor is it described by any ethnic or religious terms. For the few people who know about them they’re the Washingtonians, they live is and around Washington D C. The Washingtonians live in a different socially structured society than the rest of America. They have King’s and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Lords and Ladies, Courts and Court Jesters and outside of Washington the Surfs live, otherwise know as “We the People”. It wasn’t supposed to be this way but the lack of due diligence by the public allowed the political wolves to move in are take over. Now it’s time for an open hunting season on political wolves, we must purge congress.


As President Obama speaks this evening there’s nothing new he’s saying that will convince the public Obama care is the road to affordable health care. Obama isn’t addressing the real issue and that’s excessive government regulations and run away malpractice insurance rates along with astronomical tort awards. What the real problem comes down to is for the nearly 75 years health care has been discussed and treated as a political issue and that’s still the case. As Obama stands at the podium before congress and the nation he refuses to accept the fact he and his democratic collogues haven’t been able to sell their program to the ultimate consumer the American people. This is another case where we the people are being told what we will accept and not be a party to the discussion of what we want to accept. In short the people have been cut out of the process completely.

There are ways to create an affordable national health care industry within the private sector without beating the people over the head with mandatory government regulations. What Obama is saying as he stands at the podium this evening making claims that fit the desires and needs of both proponents and opponents. Obama’s offering solutions that fit everyone’s positions with what can only be described as barn yard hyperbole. As Obama stands before the cameras addressing the nation he’s finding those to blame outside of the Washington bureaucracy that’s been working on this issue for nearly a century from the prospective of pure politics.

To paraphrase Obama “Those who misrepresent these proposals will be called out” I submit to you Mr. President for every misrepresentation you make this evening and make in the future you will be called out. Town Hall meetings and Tea Parties are not going away, they will be as diligent as they’ve been in the past and perhaps more so. Mr. President we can’t trust your words you’ve made a practice of telling everyone what they want to hear when you think they want to hear it. You’ve also made a habit of finding others to blame when you’re promises go astray.

Critical issues the president avoided were some of the most critical issues. To wade through the presidents assaults on truth, he promised to consider but didn’t promise to do anything about critical issues such as tort reform. He said it will be discussed but it’s not a silver bullet, it is a big silver bullet. He said taking the waste out of exciting government programs will pay for much of his new programs the CBO disagrees. Ross Perot a former candidate for president did the studies and determined in all of the government no more then 25% of all government expenditures was waste. This evening President Obama gave us a lot of “Who Shot John.” Obama’s address this evening was a lot of barn yard hyperbole spread out over a flowery garden of words. We the people have learned from past experiences what comes out of Washington in political speeches / rhetoric is never what comes out of Washington in political legislation.

The constitution is as relevant today as it was in 1789 when it was ratified. The first seven articles were narratives on what the president and congress could and couldn’t do in the way of performing their official duties. The tenth amendment was an after thought that further limited the powers of the federal government. If government health care is to be instated at any point then it must in accordance with the dictates of the tenth amendment and be administered by the states and not the federal government. A number of departments have been established within the federal system that have not been authorized by following the proper procedures of amendments to the constitution authorizing said departments. This is one more way of removing the people participating in the workings of their government.

In my opinion Obama didn’t move his agenda ahead in the least, if anything he made it more confusing than before. Obama went out of his way to assure the people he wouldn’t do the very things the house bill calls for doing. Then he assured the things he’s in favor of would only be in a bill that didn’t cost tax payers any additional money. Every tax payer in this country knows the term government savings is an oxymoron, Government savings is a terms stricken from the governments vernacular. If Obama thinks he made progress this evening them he’s badly mistaken, if any thing he may have given the left cause to question his motives in making this speech, their was nothing in it for the left and the right doesn’t trust him so what did he accomplish? I fear President Obama only stirred the pot bringing his trash to the surface in his appearance this evening. He left more questions unanswered than answered for both proponents and opponents. He would have been ahead staying in and watching the Detroit Lyons practice.

Obviously this president isn’t ready for prime time!


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