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September 14, 2009

Meme Theory and Left-wing Web sites

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Meme Theory essentially treats ideas as infectious agents–viruses, for example–and studies how contagious they are. It seems that many utterly, provably false ideas are nonetheless more infectious, spreading easier and faster, that truth.

Medical Impotence

Filed under: In The News - 14 Sep 2009

By: William P. Frasca

Living in this increasing turbulent time of high financial deficiencies in which we are experiencing throughout our marvelous Country, it is almost safe to say, with fingers crossed; that most Americans feel that there must be some …

ALIPAC Takes Issue With Obama’s Lie about Health Care for illegal immigrants

(Raleigh, NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is making it clear today that they support Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) for his popular stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty and for his warning to the nation during Obama’s speech last night …

The Calling of the Roll: Side Making and Side Taking for the Future of America

Whose side are you on? When it comes to what kind of America we will have in the future, that we will hand down to our children, the battle lines are being drawn, opposing sides are marshalling their forces and …