ALIPAC Takes Issue With Obama’s Lie about Health Care for illegal immigrants


(Raleigh, NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is making it clear today that they support Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) for his popular stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty and for his warning to the nation during Obama’s speech last night when he yelled “You Lie!”

“It is a real shame that the rest of Congress was not on their feet pointing out the President’s lie about illegal aliens in his Health Care plans along with Joe Wilson,” said William Gheen. “When a politician lies to Congress and the public in front of Congress, our elected officials should speak out as Joe Wilson did.”

Some Obama supporters in the media and online are making the claim that clapping and approving gestures are appropriate during Presidential speeches while dissent is improper, rude, barbaristic, etc… ALIPAC believes that dissent has a proper place in any debate and that Obama supporters should not diefy the President.

“Joe Wilson yelled out what millions of Americans were thinking during Obama’s speech,” said William Gheen. “We agree with what Joe Wilson said, and even if we did not we would defend his right as an American to speak his mind.”

President Obama lied to Congress and the nation during his speech of 09-09-09 when he claimed “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.”

The evidence this is a lie is found in countless major news reports indicating that President Obama and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) intend to try and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty legislation soon that would legalize millions of illegal immigrants and qualify them for all taxpayer benefits and jobs in America.

Rasmussen Reports poll released this week indicates that 83% of Americans oppose “government health care subsidies”for illegal immigrants.

Further evidence of Obama’s lie is found in the FACT that while illegal immigrants are mentioned in HR 3200 as being ineligible for health care benefits, there are no enforcement provisions and Republican lawmaker attempts to amend the legislation and add enforcement provisions have been voted down by Democrats.

“Under current law, illegal aliens are not supposed to receive welfare or medicaid benefits. They are not supposed to register to vote or have jobs, either,” said William Gheen. “But due to a virtual non enforcement of our existing immigration laws, illegal aliens are stealing American jobs, registering to vote, and receiving welfare and medicaid benefits.”

ALIPAC stands with the over 80% of Americans who oppose taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens, want our borders secured, and oppose any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens. ALIPAC supporters are being encouraged to speak out against President Obama’s lie about his health care reform bill and to speak out in support of Congressman Joe Wilson online and on talk radio shows.

“It is time for all Americans to follow the example of Joe Wilson and speak out against the lies coming out of Washington.” said William Gheen.

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