Medical Impotence

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

Living in this increasing turbulent time of high financial deficiencies in which we are experiencing throughout our marvelous Country, it is almost safe to say, with fingers crossed; that most Americans feel that there must be some sort change in our present day healthcare system.

Given the win/loss percentage of our federally elected bureaucrats in Congress on them creating an extremely efficient program, with a minimum of amount of glitches, having little or no idiotic procedures, and competent individuals employed without loopholes is a guaranteed safe bet in futility. The ultimate Governmental control and intervention into the life and death struggles relating to this field of endeavor is unconscionable.

These arrogant self proclaimed saviors of the people, are too wrapped up in their own importance, always jockeying for a good position to receive favors and expensive pork barrel programs. They proudly exhibit it, no matter how much it costs and wastes, to their constituents as triumphant trophies of victory.

This administers a tempting bribe for their re-election. These sellouts of their scared oath of office care for no one but themselves, enhancing their appetite for greed and power. These self serving individuals owe their soul to the Devil of their party. Now and then the Devil demands payment, which comes in the form of their Congressional vote, as currency. Nothing is for nothing; these representatives are completely bought, sold, owned and paid for. Political immorality must be reimbursed with interest.

You might say what does this have to with healthcare, the answer is a lot. A person’s character reveals their motives. These are the individuals that are manipulating, writing and initiating all these new rules, regulations and bills, which will eventually become a regrettable law. These initiatives affect the future of you and your family’s medical care. How can we, in all honesty, unquestionably trust these unscrupulous representatives, to do the right thing, in establishing a fair, honest, resourceful, competent, proficient, professional health care structure without prejudice, free from corruption, incompetence, bureaucracies and inadequate or denied services? Our politicians always seem to use a tarnished shovel of ineffectiveness in resurrecting Murphy’s Law to the extreme, which is anything that can go wrong, will.

Our healthcare system is one of the best in the world. It’s definitely not perfect, but the problems that need to be addressed in which we are experiencing, are absolutely, positively correctable. Some of these malfunctions are denying coverage to certain individuals experiencing a previous diagnosed existing illness, permitting all applicants the opportunity to cross State lines to purchase health insurance. This will open up competition, with the potential of reducing rates. Limit the powers that the health insurance providers have in determining payment and overriding medical procedures which are authorized by a trustworthy personal physician. Affordable coverage offered, to all American citizens and their families, who lost their employment, by no fault of their own, until they get back on their feet and re-establish themselves back into the work force.

Illegal aliens should be not only documented and information sent to the United States Homeland Security and the Immigration and Naturalization Services, but they should also be required to pay their fair share of their medical expenses for that injury or illness. Our rules, regulations and laws always seem to cost us more, which usually punishes the innocent and rewards the guilty.

These are just a few to mention. Some will have their own experiences and suggestions to improve our health care dilemma, but just don’t eliminate the whole program by throwing it into a garbage disposal, shredding it up into oblivion and starting from scratch. We must intelligently use it as a base and strong foundation, to construct a unique magnificent solid structure.

Socialism does not work; it inhibits growth while mounting a steady increase of destructive decline. Great Britain and Canada constantly warn us not to follow in their footsteps. Yet our President, Barack Hussein Obama, the chosen one, together with of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all their monotonous followers are determined to sentence us all to a life of medical impotence.

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