Meme Theory and Left-wing Web sites

By: Brooks A. Mick

Meme Theory essentially treats ideas as infectious agents–viruses, for example–and studies how contagious they are. It seems that many utterly, provably false ideas are nonetheless more infectious, spreading easier and faster, that truth.

This contagion of false ideas is illustrated daily on HuffingtonPost, DailyKos,, and MediaMatters. These web sites are veritable Petri dishes for false but infectious memes!

HuffingtonPost has a “Green” section wherein demonstrably incorrect “information” about global warming injected daily into the minds of the susceptible, those who have not bothered to become vaccinated with solid scientific information. Even someone of a generally skeptical bent, Bill O’Reilly, has been sick with the global warming meme until yesterday. He has been arguing with people for months that the earth was warming up to the present year, but last night he had on a meteorologist who presented the data that demonstrated 10 years of a cooling trend and finally O’Reilly was cured. At least for now. Nevertheless, the true believers of global warming remain infected and continue to spread the virus every time they have an internet sneeze.

Another example of the viral spread of erroneous information was the vicious rumors spread about Sarah Palin and her children. Many of these could be shown to have been fabricated on left-wing sites supposedly as jokes, but were then picked up and spread by other lefty web sites and even by the mainstream media in some cases.

My theory is that the left wing mental immune system has been weakened by decades of intellectual incest, mental inbreeding, producing a damaged ability for the mind to detect dangerous misinformation, an inability to prevent infection by these harmful memes. More and more people crowd into these internet incubators of pathologic ideas. It is the same effect as if we packed schools with children infected with the swine flu virus. Would we wonder why the disease was spreading?

Experience indicates that there is no one on these left-wing web sites who is capable of contracting a truthful meme, a correct idea, even when one is introduced.

Since there appears to be no easy cure if any for people infected with these bad memes, preventing the spread appears to be our main method of controlling the disease of radical liberalism. Regaining control of our school system must be a priority, since it is there that our children are first infected with these harmful memes. Not only are the teachers now more left-wing and radical than ever, not to mention more poorly educated than ever, but textbooks are gradually being seeded with factual errors as documented on the recent Fox News show hosted by Tucker Carlson.

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