Deciphering The Language Of Washington

By: Ken Hughes

I doubt there are three congress persons in Washington who can read a page of raw legislation and explain what it actually means. How could they? They don’t write legislation and most don’t read what they sign into law. The language of government has become so complex Eastern Universities have special courses to teach law students how to read and write “Legalese a la Washington”. Anyone who’s ever read a piece of raw legislation before the media has an opportunity to decipher it for public consumption knows what this means. The public is made to believe congress and the president are on top of everything that effects the government this is far from the truth. The fact is most congress persons and many times the president get their information from the same sources the public does, the media, the internet, talk radio and cable news. For the most part government information is leaked to the media by people trained in such matters. This allows bureaucrats to preserve the necessary deniability for elected officials in case things go wrong. It’s all a game!

The constitution is said to be the glue that holds this country together, that’s only partially true. It’s the belief in the constitution that’s the glue that holds this nation together. The constitution is a very few words written on two sheets of paper. Today’s interpretations are billions of words written on millions of sheets of paper and none of them written so a lay person can decipher / understand their meanings. The public may ask why it’s necessary for government documents to be so complicated. The simple answer is its government make-work, like many of the countries in the Orient every job in Washington has two or more people performing it. The larger the work force the more important the government becomes. This also applies to the documents they write. There was a time when government had to fight for every dollar it collected today the people have to fight for every dollar they keep from congress. To paraphrase someone I’m not sure who, “We’ve meet the enemy and they is our congress.”

The president and congress under the guise of health care legislation is about to alter the entire structure of the way we Americans will be allowed to live our lives as a free people. If Obama and the 111th Congress passes the reforms they propose the words freedom and constitution will be relegated to the trash can and eventually a landfill somewhere, we the people can kiss them both goodbye. Those people writing health care legislation can write to their hearts content but until the legalese is removed and they’re writings are reduced to understandable language no one will have a clue what these new laws are allowing. Presidents and Congress have become little more than Court Jesters. The real power in Washington is in Lobbyists and the bureaucrats they control. I really don’t like the term conspiracy but there are special interests that control congress and the bureaucracy the same as Marionettes are controlled, by strings from behind the curtains, the strings are the dollars in contributions congress receives from political packs. God bless you both John McCain and Russ Feingold.

Tea Parties and Town Hall meeting have awakened a sleeping giant in this country, We the People are rising up and letting our voices be heard. The president and congress are slow to recognize where and with whom the real power in this country lays. That would be with the voters [aka] we the people. Until the constitution is repealed the public voice is the one that counts, every two years the voters have an opportunity for their voices to be heard, I predict in 2010 the impenetrable walls congress will tumble. The president and congress aren’t listening to the people, a mistake they may soon regret. When politician’s power goes unchecked so goes their ego, there’s nothing more appalling than a politicians ego. In essences politicians are the people’s servants not their masters, a reality that frequently slips past the our elected officials

The prosperity of a nation often determines the attitude of its citizens. In good times things that shouldn’t be are often overlooked such as allowing the government to let spending get out of hand beyond [our] means, Much of the money the government borrows goes to subsidize persons who claim not to have the opportunity to get ahead when in fact everyone in America has the same opportunities. No one in this country is denied the opportunity for a good education which in turn prepares them for the opportunity to work hard and prosper. Today the Left uses the poor the same way old Southern Democrats used the KKK to beat down minorities and keep them in a form of bondage. It was politics not the American people who dragged out the emancipation of blacks 100 years beyond the civil war. Now it’s black leaders who are doing their best to politically enslave minorities. For years politics has managed to keep minorities barefoot, pregnant, homeless and husbandless in order to buy their votes. There’s little difference between today’s black leaders and yesterdays white slave masters, both held / hold the destiny of a large group of our citizens in their hands.

Poverty is more a state of mind than a physical condition.

Conservatism is not one of the isms intent on taking over and destroying America, Liberalism is. America has been conservative since the pilgrims landed in New England as they called it in the early 1600’s. Liberalism is a rather new and yet an unproven ideology. We do know as democracy gains around the world liberalism shrinks in popularity. Mans dream has always been to be free to pursue his / her own destiny with as little government interference as possible. Under the current administration including congress this is a privilege being denied the American people. The flowerily speeches with the empty promises have become meaningless rhetoric now that the truth is coming out the people are rebelling and justly so. What the people are hearing these days from the politicians and the mainstream media is barn yard blather. The days of fooling some or any of the people has past, now it’s truth or nothing. The question is can politicians handle speaking the truth or rather would they know the truth if they heard it.

The time has come to take a serious look at both houses of congress and decide if sending the same people back to commit the same infractions is worth the trillions of dollars it’s costing future generations of Americans?



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