Let’s Talk

By: Craig Chamberlain

It was an inevitability when the Democrats took over the government. Their passion for summits, negotiations, diplomacy, and treaties that run over a thousand pages are well known. To them there is no problem that can’t be solved simply by sitting down and talking things over. Any differences we have can easily be resolved at the negotiating table. All we have to do is talk to and understand each other and the world’s problems will just disappear.

The Democrats have this view of the world because they don’t live in the real world, but in a fantasy that they made. In their fantasy world all people are rational, against violence, and if people do bad things it’s because they’re misunderstood and the only truly evil people are Republicans.

The right knows better. The world is certifiably insane, and it’s crazy to try to reason with crazy people. Evil exists, not because of poverty, or American foreign policy, or because they are misunderstood. People do cruel and evil things because many people are just cruel and evil.

President Obama and his administration don’t think that way and take the leftist position. No matter what the conflict is, they believe in diplomacy first, second and always. The Obama administration has announced that it is considering one on one talks with North Korea and Iran. It should discard that consideration right away.

The left insists that we are at loggerheads with Iran because we won’t talk to them, we’re being stubborn and irrational in our mistrust of the Mullah’s. The truth is that every administration since the revolution of 1979 has attempted to negotiate and deal with the Islamic regime. Every attempt has been turned away contemptuously by Tehran. You can’t negotiate with bullies, they see negotiation as a form of groveling. As far as the Iranians are concerned any attempt at diplomacy is equivalent to unfurling a banner that blares ” WE’RE WEAK!” Bullies don’t want to understand the people they terrorize and they sure don’t want to talk to them. The only thing negotiations with the Iranians would accomplish is making us look weak, putting our forces and our allies in greater danger, and fail to halt their nuclear program. Great Britain and France couldn’t stop German aggression by appeasing them at Munich, we won’t accomplish anything with Iran. To even try is a waste of time and an invitation for the thugs in Tehran to increase their attacks on our forces.

To talk with North Korea is even crazier. If there is a perfect definition of a country run by lunatics it’s North Korea. Kim Jong Il and the rest of his regime live in a fantasy world. North Korea won’t negotiate, it will dictate. They’re sane enough to know that they hold all the cards, you have a lunatic with a nuclear arsenal, and we don’t have the willpower to take him on. Why should he negotiate? He won’t give up his nuclear activities no matter what. During the Clinton administration Secretary of State Albright cut a deal with them. In exchange for stopping their nuclear program we would supply them with fuel and food. By their own admission the North Koreans broke the deal as soon as the Secretary had left the country. Essentially they had American paying them tribute and they still went along with their weapons programs. That kind of a track record makes it difficult to trust someone. The North Koreans want the same deal. We pay them to give up nuclear activities, and they’ll break their word making the United States look weak and foolish in the process. To the left that’s a diplomatic success.

Then there are those on the left who want us to negotiate with the Taliban. They insist that there is no military victory in sight, and the best we can do is cut a deal and get out. First of all they said the same thing about Iraq before the surge. Then we crushed the terrorist groups, and while there are still problems in Iraq it’s no capable of standing on its own when American troops leave the country. Secondly, any deal with the Taliban would be broken at once. You would only have to look to Pakistan for proof of that. Earlier this year the Pakistan government gave the Swat valley to the Taliban to govern it with their version of Sharia law, in exchange the Taliban had to stop their attacks and stay in Swat. Remember what happened? The Taliban broke the agreement immediately and came within a rocket’s shot of Islamabad, before the government woke up and pushed the Taliban back into the mountains.

Diplomacy can have its place, but it’s no good talking to terrorist groups, lunatic hermit kingdoms, or brutal theocracies who have “death to America” as the key piece to their foreign policy. The Obama administration should try to come up with something else other than the same tired old liberal strategies for dealing with America’s enemies.

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