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September 17, 2009

Rising Calls for President Obama To Apologize To The Nation

The national non-partisan immigration enforcement organization known as ALIPAC is calling on President Barack Obama to publicly apologize to the Congress, media, and the entire nation for lying about illegal immigrants not having access to health care reform benefits.

Is Paranoia Directing Obama’s Abuses

When some people reach the pinnacle of power such as Obama has they become so obsessed with staying where they are they will resort to any means not to be toppled. Obama knows he won’t lose his job if his …

An Era of Eras

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 17 Sep 2009

By: John Hutchison

In his farewell address in January of 1989, Ronald Reagan described America in the eloquent and beautiful way only he could. In this, he reminded us of the imagery of the U.S. that has stood the test of …

Cash for America

If there were any doubts that America is headed for a complete nanny-state, socialist government just read the global warming bill recently passed by the house or any portion of the health care legislation proposed by congress and the Obama …