Is Paranoia Directing Obama’s Abuses

By: Ken Hughes

When some people reach the pinnacle of power such as Obama has they become so obsessed with staying where they are they will resort to any means not to be toppled. Obama knows he won’t lose his job if his health care legislation isn’t passed. It’s possible Team Obama’s ranting this past week has been more about the fear of failing than about those citizens opposing the administrations brand of health care. Team Obama is trying to blame the anti- government rallies as GOP staged events, of course that isn’t true the American people don’t need leadership to protest when they know things aren’t what they should be. Assuming they are organized events how is that any more offensive than Acorn staged events or Unions bussing in protest busters from out of state to break up peaceful demonstrations. Democrats assume because they profess to be the party of the people there no limits on their bad behavior.

Since 1933 democrats have controlled congress more than 80% of the time. Now after 75 years of missed opportunities congress wants to correct all the presumed ills of government they’ve created in a matter of weeks. The democratic approach is like building a house from the roof down. They should start from the bottom with education and unemployment. What good is government health care if they can’t read and don’t have jobs?

The 1964 civil rights bill was intended to give minorities’ equal opportunity to compete in every respect of American daily life. Instead the democratic congress created what they called entitlements. Rat and drug infested housing projects, food stamps that had limitations on their uses. Congress passed legislation that mandated single parent families and inadequate health care preformed by unprofessional staff. If democrats are so concerned with the plight of America’s health why has it taken 75 years to bring it to this point, For 67 years ago there was no George Bush to blame it on however there was a democratic congress.

The facts are this legislation congress and the president is proposing has very little to do with health care, it’ll have more to do with limiting the people participation in the affairs of their government if it is ever signed into law. Obama Care is a socialist’s approach to taking over this government without firing a shot. “We the People” know this even though the Washingtonians and the mainstream media deny it exists. Hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens across America have voiced their objections to this fast pace legislation Obama is trying to shove through congress and they are being ignored and even criticized for voicing their concerns. This isn’t the America Obama was elected president of, presidents are supposed to listen to the people not ridicule them.

Team Obama seems to be bouncing back and forth with unrealistic and unconformable statistics to support their positions. At this point Obama’s plan is about as realistic as sending men to the sun to grow green to supply energy. Neither of the houses of congress understands they can’t spend forever and have the Republic survive as we’ve enjoyed for over 200 years.

I predict, actually it’s not so much a prediction as an observation when the 2010 elections get closer the media will turn on Obama and his democratic collogues once they see the way the winds are blowing in favor of non-incumbent conservative congress persons. In plain English the new guys and gals will win congressional seats by the droves. The media has a propensity for always being on the winning side, screw loyalty.

For the first time in 75 years Americans are about to put socialism in a boat and send it back to Europe where it came from. American patriots are standing up for their rights, every time that’s happened in the past the patriots win.

Barack Obama is not the Messiah, not even close. If anything he’s an undisciplined adolescent who for the first time in his life is being held accountable for his actions.



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