A.C.O.R.N. Conspiracy

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

America is definitely changing, but in what direction? Recent indications prove at least one thing that the scales are not tipping in favor of Capitalism, with increasing emphasis on limiting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our beloved Country is being overwhelmed with Socialist propaganda. Our corrupt Representatives in Congress are being blinded by the swell of greenbacks that are being distributed and abused by this inept Administration, lead by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one”.

The two undercover reporters, whose names are James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, walked into an ACORN office in Baltimore Maryland and other locations with hidden cameras, disguising themselves as a pimp and prostitute. These individuals had an unbelievable interview with A.C.O.R.N employees asking them for help in establishing a whore house comprising of underage teenage girls from El Salvador

Information that was administered ranged from evading law enforcement, deceiving the IRS, and how to handle the teenage girls from talking. This was a brilliant and courageous investigation in journalism that puts the main stream media to shame. They should be commended for their excellent achievement in aggressively obtaining and submitting pertinent information to the American taxpayer. Stating how their money is being used to sponsor organizations, who are offering illegitimate advice and unorthodox procedures to commit despicable acts against our established laws, especially child abuse.

We must also salute a true champion of the American Constitution, who originally picked up the gauntlet when it wasn’t popular to do so, and uncovered their dubious intentions of conspiracy, to the American people, his name is Glenn Beck.

Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” had a loving rapport and special relationship with A.C.O.R.N. in fact he was at one time part of a team of lawyers who represented them in a; lawsuit against the State of Illinois. This essential information concerning these two separate entities are joined together by a common destructive cause, which is to completely transfer our Country from greatness to rubbish at all costs, by legal or illegal means.

He was a community organizer and Director of Project Vote, established himself as a formable rising star, which created his notorious seedy conception into the political arena. He had backing, means and recruited an army that supported him all the way to the Presidency. This unholy alliance continues to multiply as new evidence of their close relationship and ties continues to mount, supporting their collaboration of trickery, and secret escalated transgressions against America and the American people.

Usually a person rising into political prominence has a debatable past of uncertain events. When these controversial dealings or associations innocent or not resurfaces in the present, modifying and affecting our future as a strong free capitalistic free nation, then we must strongly protest and fight back with every legal means possible. Our ideology is being molested by harassing forces masqueraded as defenders of the persecuted. They are trying to modify our reverend composition by using dubious underhanded altering adjustments. Passively sitting idly is not a selection, especially while they use our own money immorally in trying to defeat us.

How can we place any constructive belief in an individual that associates himself with these scoundrels, and prides himself on being a community organizer? It’s no secret that their main goal is to convert our Country into a Socialist heaven for thieves with unlimited corruption? Were we completely duped? Not all of us were mesmerized by his smooth teleprompter diction. Some of us did see the dark cloud over his head, instead of a fantasized rainbow of grandeur.

A.C.O.R.N. stands to receive a lucrative federal grant as a reward for their loyalty and effects, from the Obama stimulus. This is our tax money is given freely, without our permission to sleazy organization, which has absolutely no remorse in seeing America lose its respectability, with no conscience endorsing young underage teenage girls, living in a life of prostitution, and helping pimps to open brothels in our neighborhoods. One could only imagine what immoral illegal acts of indecency; corruption and thievery were initiated and condoned by them over all these years. Did anybody mention, compromising the last Presidential election by undermining the right to a fair election by voter intimidation, irregularities and voter fraud. These have not been isolated incidents; the proof of unethical standards associated with this organization is mounting to epidemic proportions.

Why have they been in existence all these years without a major investigation from the United States Justice Department? Where are the strict audits and accounting that are normally conducted on federal money administered to any organization? The Senate recently, finally developed a backbone and voted overwhelmingly to withdraw funds from A.C.O.R.N. They lit a fire, but will it just turn into a puff of smoke, only time will tell? Why is the House of Representatives procrastinating? Does the queen bee Nancy Pelosi have stock in this despicable organization or is she just protecting a loyal Democratic Party re-election tool?

Obviously, surviving this long, while milking the taxpayers dry, without any consequences; verifies that they must have had some high level supporters in government, protecting them, from any legitimate legal ramifications.

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