Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

By: Craig Chamberlain

You would think that with the recent brouhaha over Joe Wilson(R-SC) outburst during President Obama’s healthcare speech before Congress that the alien and sedition acts were still in force. Since when did the President become a God King, with his personage beyond reproach or condemnation? In case Pelosi and company have forgotten, we live in a republic. Argument and outburst are common, even healthy, signs that democracy is alive and well.

We also have something called the first amendment. Last time I checked it still assured freedom of speech, and that includes disagreeing with the President of the United States. Lest we forget the Democrats spent eight years calling President Bush far worse things than a liar. He was constantly compared to Hitler(when did he ever execute 6 million people?), he was accused of either knowing about 9-11 in advance, or ordering the terrorist attacks(you know Bin Laden is really a government agent). During his state of the Union speech in 2005 the Democrats in Congress stood up and booed him throughout much of his speech. So who’s being more rude? An entire party that slanders, insults, and calls the President a war criminal while siding with the enemies of this country, and basically going out of their way to act like jackasses, or a lone congressmen who has the gall call the President out on his lies?

We had the left demanding President Bush be impeached and convicted for defending America. They made movies that fantasized about his assassination, newspaper writers rhetorically sighed “John Wilkes Booth where are you now” (Booth is a hero to the left, after all he’s a Democrat who killed a Republican President. What’s not to like?) And of course there were the never ending pictures of Bush with a Hitler mustache. (Sadly these have appeared on pictures of President Obama. Part of me says have a taste of your own medicine, but let’s be honest, no one should be comparing a President of the United States to Hitler. Neither Bush nor Obama rounded up and killed millions in a holocaust, nor did they get rid of democracy, no matter what the nutroots on the left say about Bush, or people on the right say about Obama. We conservatives have more intelligence and class than people on the left, we shouldn’t have to resort to their infantile comparisons.)

Congressmen Wilson didn’t lie when he said “you lie!” to President Obama. The worst he’s guilty of is bad manners, but the Democratic party is the last group of people in the world who should be calling anyone out for acting in a boorish manner. They have had that down to an art form for the last two hundred years. When a Democrat says a Republican showed bad decorum he’s not only the pot calling the kettle black, he’s also saying “stay off my turf”, and we should. Brutish behavior has usually been a staple of the left. President Obama has not been truthful about any part of his health care plan and Congressman Wilson was right to call him out on it. Somehow the President expects the American people to believe that spending one trillion dollars on healthcare will lowed the nations deficit, that people will be allowed to keep their private insurance, that there won’t be rationing and that it won’t lead to federally funded abortions or coverage for illegal immigrants.

Never mind that President Obama’s health plan will do exactly that. The Democrats voted down amendments that would have prohibited funding for abortion and coverage of illegal immigrants, and the Democrats have themselves admitted that the “public option” is just the first step to single payer universal health care. And every single payer system has to resort to rationing. So who’s the liar, the President who’s trying to sell snake oil as medicine or the Congressman who had the audacity to call the liar a liar?

Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats haven’t forgotten that we live in a republic, they just don’t care. They don’t think that the rules should ever apply to them. If the Republican congress had censured the Democrats who stood and booed President Bush the comparisons to fascism would have been swift and nearly universal. The Democrats play by their own rules, rules that don’t make them act in a civilized manner or force them to recognize the rights of others.

They believe, they really do believe, that the opposition has to be silenced. Whether it’s going after a Congressman who called out the President or trying to silence conservative critics on the radio, they have a desperate need to have the first, last, and only word. To the left it shouldn’t be a debate, it should be them dictating to us and the rest of us humbly accepting whatever they decide on.

One of the oldest tactics of the left is to shut up the other side, whether it’s campus thugs storming the stage screaming “you have no right to speak” while they attack a conservative speaker, or a Democratic Congress silencing a Congressman critical of the administration(and for years we were constantly told that dissent was the highest form of patriotism) there’s a double standard we have to grant them the right to say whatever vile thing crosses their little minds, but they have the right to silence us whenever they feel like it.

Congressman Wilson should not have apologized, and he shouldn’t let that SS whore Pelosi keep him silent. They don’t have the right to take away his right to speak, criticize, complain, or even insult. Conservative, now more than ever, need to defend their first amendment rights, or else we will find ourselves increasingly silenced.

Let’s stick it to the Democrats, keep up the debate, keep up the protests, the town hall meetings, and lets put Congressman Wilson on the ticket in 2012.

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