Who Are Todays Race Baiters

By: Ken Hughes

Race has once again raised its ugly head in America, this time it’s not by Southern Crackers but by Team Obama and their liberal constituents. Obama is losing badly on the health care issue among the rank and file of Americans. With all argument exhausted the only place left to go is by playing the race card, anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama is automatically tagged a racist according to the left. There are consequences to this type of politicking when it spills over into the streets. A group of young black high school students in East St Louis Il. attacked and beat a white boy on a bus. This type of race bating by blacks is a sad commentary on the billions of dollars and millions of hours spent improving race relations in this country over the past 50 years. Politicians and the media have created a false impression there’s something special even sacrosanct about minorities and the poor. Are these people underprivileged or underachievers, even in the most desperate of times America doesn’t lack in opportunity? From the days of the Pilgrims opportunity has been the life blood in building the country into what it is today.

We are a blessed nation that we can complain about bigotry and racism and never having seen it up close and personal. Every minority white, brown or black, etc that’s ever come to this country has experienced some form of bigotry many still do somehow the majority of Americans always seem to rise above it. There are those few who manage to hold on to bigotry for one reason or another, they come in all colors some for political reasons such as Team Obama is doing and others for sheer profit. Then there are those who follow their leaders believing what their told to believe. One of the problems are the different rules that have been set down, in normal conversation a person must be ever aware not to offend. The Media and politicians on the other hand hyphenate every utterance with race, religion or gender.

Tot-un comes to America, an old Southern term used by African American servants who were allowed to take a small portion of their White Masters food and goods as a gratuitous jester. Over the years that portions has grown and now it’s called entitlements. Now it goes beyond the black community it goes to the so called poor and underprivileged throughout our society. There’s nothing in the founding documents that says the government is responsible for the support of underachievers. Religious doctrine says the meek shall inherit the earth, it doesn’t say it’s going to be free and there is no effort involved. The American people have always recognized a moral obligation to care for those unable to care for themselves they have always taken that obligation seriously until politicians realized the potential votes to be had from the underachievers. We are a nation endowed by our creator our creator never intended the fruit fall from the tree into our hands. We were never to get a free ride in life, it was intended we earn our blessings so we would know the joy of our efforts.

Acorn the community organizers is a classic example of how the Democratic Party uses government money to gain votes. Acorn goes through poor communities and hands out voter cards and absentee ballots to everyone including the family dog. Acorn relies on the communities’ civic apathy and the dollars the government gives them for their successes. Any way it’s looked at its liberals buying votes and Team Obama was / is marching at the head of the parade. Acorn is also responsible for much of the racist rhetoric spreading across the country. From recent events attributed to Acorn it borders on being a criminal enterprise funded by tax dollars. That can only be attributed to a congress asleep at the switch.

Every few generations the American public decides enough is enough and expresses their discontent with elected officials, corporate giants and financial geniuses. This is one of those times when the public is expressing their feelings in tea parties and town hall meetings. It’s not just Obama’s health inactivates they’re objecting to but the entire system the government, the executive branch, congress, the courts and the bureaucracy that has created a system that totally ignores the wishes of the people. Hopefully the publics’ discontent will last a few more months until the mid-term elections in 2010. Congressional leadership including those who serve in committee chair persons positions need to be sent packing. There are a lot of good honest congress persons whose voices aren’t heard because of the good old boy system, a pecking order that takes years to reach a level for their vices to be heard. There are even more honest men and women willing to serve the people and not their political parties.

Racism is a deplorable thing regardless of the reasons, bigotry, politics or profit. Racism is no longer an issue in America, there are individual racists that use it for personal gain but as an American instruction I don’t think it’s a valid issue. The left is using race as a façade to cover there ever increasing losses of support for Obama’s sending hemorrhaging. When the lefts explanations and arguments aren’t convincing they resort to allegations of the most despicable nature the most appalling is the allegations of racism. Blacks along could never have elected Obama president it took a lot of white votes. For Team Obama to nurture the allegations of racism and not have Obama personally speak out against it is deplorable. Obama’s silence is as much as an endorsement, in fact its more than that his silence is in essence encouragement for those democrats using race baiting as a political tool.

If Americans are to enjoy the freedoms our ancestors fought and died to preserve then we as voters must fight, not with guns but with our voices and our votes. Americans freedoms are a blessing many around the world would do almost anything to have. For nearly 400 years America’s been a magnet for those seeking opportunity, it was immigrants not politicians who made this country what it is today. This is why we question politicians trying to remake America into something no one wants, bankrupt, socialist at the bottom of the nations of the world..

The only way to turn this rush to socialism around and back to the constitution is at the voting booth. You decide!

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