Takeover-us Interruptus

By: Eddie Clements

Recent events have derailed the Democrats’/liberal-progressives attempts to re-fashion a nation in the left’s utopian image. While the danger persists, the deceptive agenda promoted by candidate Obama of an America bonded in unity and purpose, post income-redistribution, has been effectively interrupted. Democrats tried to take America over, and Americans refused to be taken.
A fortuitous meeting happened between Obama and Axelrod, a match made in Hades. Subsequently “astroturfing” is introduced to America by a co-opted media. Faux-unrest by ACORN, SEIU, and others creates a false impression of popular uprising against an unjust system. MSM displays the phony images as real facts, actual representations of “Americans” who call for change.

These are paid agitators, not credible dissenters. They call for eliminating everything and starting over from scratch – using our money to remake America. Enter the savior, Barack Obama, who will right the wrongs, calm the oceans, and clean the air. He has the flawed solution for the contrived problem. Obama clearly states his intentions during campaign speeches, but you have to listen closely and parse his words carefully to hear it.

Revolution generally begins from the bottom up. People dissatisfied with rulers organize in various ways, make their concerns known, and when not addressed, replace the rulers by force. This happened in America about 1776, but not since. It was a little different, since the rulers were actually far away. Local leaders in America made their case to a reticent King George of England, who insisted on compliance. When we said no, well, you know the rest.

Some might say the current administration represents a revolution. Soothing speeches by candidate Obama raised hopes of a “post-partisan” atmosphere in Washington, DC, that would also “transcend race”. To the wary, such language revealed a reason to listen closely. To the unwary, they worked like a Jedi mind trick. Obama’s independent-leaning supporters hoped for a revolution in methods – process, in bureauspeak.

Well, we got a revolution, all right, if by revolution you mean constitutional coup. No leader was deposed in this coup, the constitution was. The consequence of years of ignoring the provisions of the constitution to impose sweeping programs brings us to the point where the programs are too entangled with too many lives to reverse. Now power is being aggrandized in the White House by a charismatic strongman, who has lost his charisma with many voters who put him there, as the meretricious media fights to help him maintain and even expand his grip.

The Executive Branch was not meant to accumulate this much power. The Senate is the only place he can be stopped, and they have yielded to….what? Words elude me…the concept of failure in duty is inadequate to describe the criminal takeover of lives of American citizens, the abandonment of everything our founding fathers intended.

Concepts like tradition, duty, and honor escape the left. Their concern is destruction. The revolutionary ardor of the Sixties now finds its practical expression. We told them, “if you want change, work within the system.” The left took that advice. Instead of smashin’, bashin’, crashin’, bust and burn, they got elected to Congress and state offices. Instead of taking over the dean’s office at university, today the radical left’s ideological heirs occupy the House of Representatives and the White House.

Their leader was seven years old at the time of the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968. Images from those three days of directionless destruction shocked the nation, including a teenager about to enter the Army with the prospect of going to Vietnam. Whatever was happening looked big. Who knew that years later, Barack Obama would arrive to carry through the job started by radicals who changed the Democrats into their party?

It turns out – luckily, for normal US citizens – that governing is not the same as campaigning. One very valid point of contention about electing Obama was his inexperience. Thank goodness Obama is too narcissistic and Democrats too impatient to wait. If Obama had gained more political experience we might have been steamrollered. In fact, it is too soon to be sure we won’t be. But recent events, including the fall of the veil from the face of deceptive radicals, have revealed an administration not quite up to the task they set for themselves.

Obama himself, along with administration advisors and cabinet members, appear politically tone deaf. They never seem to anticipate opposition, whether from the right, left, or center. They are all career politicians or career “academics” (in quotes because the term is loose. Cass Sunstein advances the absurd contention that animals should be able to sue humans. In what world is that concept one of a sane, thoughtful person? It shouldn’t pass the laugh test – but it passed the Senate!)

Career politicians and university tenures neither produce anything, nor do they invite dissenting opinion. They are cocooned by their associates and constituencies. When the only people you talk to agree with you, you will think you are always right. So Janet Napolitano issues a pamphlet saying watch out for third party voters and gun owners; they are dangerous. It didn’t occur to her this is normal in a heterogeneous society of 300 million. The administration was shocked, shocked! by resistance to this insult.
If not for the electronic age, Van Jones would still be reporting for work at the White House. It never occurred to anyone in the WH that his radical perspective was alien to normal Americans. The power of video discovered on the internet can act for or against one, they find to their dismay. Jones characterized as smears and unwarranted attacks – the reporting of his own words and deeds.

The health care proposal has got to be a unique, signal example of political chutzpah. What modern, normal, reflective politician would ask elderly voters who largely supported him to give him the power to end their life, based on bureaucratic guidelines? As for the rest, they would have to pay for health care, which would be free. Huh? Yet that is exactly what the president of some of the people proposed to Americans.

A black conservative is assaulted outside a townhall meeting; the administration is silent. A FOB (friend of Barack) assaults a police officer with words, and is subsequently arrested. Not knowing the facts, Obama opines that the “police acted stupidly”, fomenting racial hatred. Does he really think we can’t see this blatant hypocrisy?

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder calls us cowards for failing to discuss race – meaning be lectured by persons like Eric Holder as to why his imagined grievances are legitimate. Holder then investigates CIA officers on contrived allegations, while excusing blacks in Philadelphia who intimidated voters. Do they think we have no sense?

Leftists in the WH, and some in Congress, believe this nation was founded by imperialists, and its constitution authored by slaveholders. Therefore it is flawed; Obama said so. He says the constitution doesn’t contain “what the government must do for you”; it is instead filled with negative rights. It contains provisions limiting government power.

Perhaps they were on to something there, BHO. Did it occur to you that power is subject to abuse, that such abuse is what those provisions were intended to forestall? Like ignoring bankruptcy law, arbitrarily allotting ownership in a car company to your union supporters? To which the Senate raised no objection?

However, Obama’s yammerings about the constitution is fancy lawyer talk. It is intended to dress up radical beliefs in everyday language, to obscure his real purpose. Individualism, that anachronistic view from the enlightenment that found expression in the constitution, must be quashed. Property rights must be amended. The left’s purpose – and Obama is a dedicated leftist radical – is to use the system to deliver income redistribution, cronyism as party loyalty, and collectivism. Their view is that the nation’s wealth must be returned to its rightful owners. Who those are, is who the left says they are; probably not the earners of that wealth.

And now, with the march to tyranny temporarily and unexpectedly halted, the best the meretricious media can come up with to explain sincere resistance to Obama’s program is “racism”. The best reply I have heard so far came from the 3 A.M. program “Redeye” on Fox News. Jim Norton says the left is so arrogant, they don’t consider that opposition to their plans is based on merit.
The charge of racism has lost its sting, because it has been used too often. Once it had meaning, but it was discovered that all you have to do to foreclose argument is hurl a charge which is as often baseless as not. The meretricious media, being uniformly liberal and out of touch with Americans, thinks they can stanch criticism of this administration with a shotgun blast of sheer nonsense at everybody. They fail to consider that there are citizens out here even better educated, more thoughtful and capable than they are.

We are far from safe. The federal government has established almost complete primacy over banking, home loans and student loans. Some kind of health care bill with restrictions for illegals or abortions, for example, may still pass. Courts, packed with leftists, will nullify the restrictions.

An opening has occurred with the recording of misdeeds by ACORN, questions about the czars, and faltering support for the left’s program. That program was once thought, by moderate Obama supporters, to be one where racism would diminish, partisanship and unity would ensue from common purpose, and international relations renewed. Instead, we are more divided than ever, a “transparency” White House grows increasingly opaque, and battle lines are drawn between R’s and D’s, and D’s and D’s. Internationally, the Obama administration is being laughed at by some, or gazed upon by others with disbelief at its treachery. Domestically, Obama’s deceptions, rhetorical gymnastics, and outright lies are being called out.

Such conditions create opportunities for unprincipled opportunists. The White House and Congress are both full of those. In the words of the great citizen/sportsman/philosopher Yogi Berra, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

Eddie Clements

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