Jimmy Carter; Joe Wilson; My Take

By: Michael John McCrae

I voted for the guy. Yeah! And I have regretted that vote ever since Ted Koppel made his claim to fame during his first 444 days of “Nightline” telling us of Jimmy Carter’s inability to do anything to get our hostages released by Iran.

Nowadays, Jimmy Carter is the old guy who hates America and schmoozed with Castro and other communists on their soil decrying the Bush Presidency’s record for keeping America safe. Carter is an old blow-hard with a major shoulder chip. His own presidency was a major failure in both foreign and domestic policy. The country is in the sad economic shape it is in now because of his “Community Redevelopment Act” that allowed home ownership to go to people who could not afford to pay mortgages.

Now Jimmy Carter is supposedly the voice of democrat reason; telling us that Joe Wilson’s comments on Barack Obama are racist. There is nobody on the planet more anti-Semitic than Jimmy Carter. His recent book offerings (which made Osama bin Laden’s recommended reading list) are pro-Palestinian, pro-terrorist, anti-Israel rants disguised as the legitimate offerings of some old guy on the verge of his last breath.

Yeah. I voted for the guy.

I suppose according to Jimmy Carter, the hundreds of thousands of people who demonstrated in Washington, D.C. the other week are all racists too. He did comment on the South and what he just knows is a continuation of racist attitudes from the time he was a Southern Racist. I think Jimmy lives in the past and probably remembers too much of the past thinking it is the present. But any guy who has his book recommended by a radical Muslim like Osama bin Laden can’t be all that bad. After all he has only the best interests of Palestinian terrorists at heart.

There are a few questions I would ask Jimmy Carter. I would like to know his opinion on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Does Carter believe the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a racist for his continual and incessant comments against the white race? Then, depending on his answer I would ask him if he believed he would be able to sit in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years listening to his racist rants while grinning and sharing the occasional “AMEN!”

Then I might ask him if he would allow his young and impressionable daughters to hear such blatant racism coming from a church pulpit for their entire lives. Then I might ask him if 20 years of sitting in front of a racist pulpit would have absolutely no effect on the way I viewed the United States of America?

So now I live in a country that has banned certain forms of speech in books and in the chambers of the U.S. House of Representatives. You are not permitted to call a lie and lie. You have to couch your statements in politically correct terms or be censured. You are not allowed to call the president a hypocrite now. How many times did we hear that term used against President Bush or any other Republican president for that matter?

Fortunately, the rules are for the House of Representatives. We still have a free press for a while and free airwaves for a while. We must depend on those who have read the bills and know the contents to tell the truth. We know that the truth will not come from those who have written and sponsored the bills. The truth will only come from those who are most affected by the higher taxes and greater economic upheaval caused by passage of socialist inspired ideology.

Jimmy Carter is the liar. Nothing Joe Wilson said in chamber or out was based in race. It was based in Joe Wilson’s knowledge that what the chamber was being told was a lie. He was emotionally upset that the President of the United States would dare to stand before Congress and a national audience and lie to their face like a certain other Democrat President once lied about his sexual peccadilloes.

The saddest fact of the entire matter is that everyone in that chamber knew Joe Wilson was right.

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