ACORN Under the Lights

By: Eddie Clements

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN – has gone from the catbird’s seat to the hot seat in less than a year. The association meant to be used by Democrats for political purposes, veiled as benefits to the whole community, has been subjected to uncomfortable scrutiny. The Census Bureau cut them loose. Congress’ first reaction was to introduce legislation cutting off taxpayer funding for the deceptive organization. We hope that sticks; it‘s about time.

The group has been praised as an aid in helping persons of lower income register to vote. This is one apparent rationale for offering taxpayer funds, from the federal government down to local communities, to the enterprise.

ACORN has now been described as a criminal entity. Some people in positions to do so have called for investigations into the organization’s activities. We can only hope that in so doing, the discussion will include the question, why do we need a private organization to register voters?

I trust the numerous Democrats/liberal-progressives reading this will be shocked by the question. Of course we need to register voters! In a democracy, etc., etc.

The only requirements to vote are that one be at least 18 years old, be a citizen, and not have committed a felony. In this country, any person who meets those requirements should be able to figure out how to register, or ask someone who does know. That should be a first practical test of one’s ability to participate in the electoral process.

Between print, broadcast, and internet media, telephones and cellphones, the information on where and how to register to vote in any election at any level is available to anyone with sufficient motivation. Persons lacking such motivation will almost assuredly lack the motivation to find out the differences in candidates and their positions on issues.

Or are we to believe that doesn’t matter? Are we to believe that the important thing is to vote, and for whom one votes makes no difference? Well, the makeup of the present Legislative and Executive Branches of the federal government should provide evidence a-plenty that election results can have adverse consequences. It is indeed arguable – though not necessarily for reasons of registration drives alone – that the 2008 election results provide an excellent example of why a democracy can only function effectively through an informed citizenry.

Are lower income people well informed? Perhaps – it depends on the individuals. They are informed if they make the effort to find out things. If they make no effort, or just entertain a minimum of sources for their information, they may not be. But these same constraints apply to all, not just those with lower income.

ACORN’s past activities in this area have been investigated enough to show that they can hardly be considered honest brokers of the democratic process. Nowhere in the acronym do the words vote, democracy or republic appear. What does appear is “REFORM NOW” with an implied but definite exclamation point. How did they get the idea voter registration would benefit the community, rather than education or construction? This is rhetorical; only Democrats provide the right ideological framework to advance the reform agenda. Thus, Democrats are the only beneficiaries of ACORN’s activities. As too often happens, Democrats get the elevator to the top while the community gets the shaft.

ACORN is an organization that doesn’t like America as constituted. As one of many grievance groups, they have a long list of imagined slights to their … well, what? Do they feel their rights have been infringed, their freedom restricted, their rights to property inhibited in violation of the constitution? What needs reforming, other than the fact that their members aren’t willing to produce anything of value that can be sold for a profit – which includes their labor? Again, rhetorical, they seek income sharing.
So what form is this RE-form supposed to take? For just one example, statements heard on short televisions clips include belief in entitlement to home ownership, as a right. One part of ACORN appears to be concerned with assisting prospective lower income home buyers (that’s how they got caught with those videotapes.) Well, making shelter from the elements available to all is one issue, but a house?

Maintenance of a private domicile is a job. The bigger the house, the more tending it needs. The same characteristics that make people stay in lower income brackets – low motivation levels, low education levels, the inability to defer immediate gratification to achieve long term goals are examples – work against conscientious home maintenance. If the house runs down, its value will diminish. If payments are not made and the loan foreclosed – with resulting displacement of the home’s occupants, who will now need another place – the un-maintained house will have lower value that may not be recovered. Who benefits from all that?
Let’s say the home’s occupants stop payments but are allowed to stay in the home, out of “compassion”. Don’t be surprised if a Democrat-controlled Congress passes such a law. Who fixes the place up? I can state with no equivocation plumbing breaks down. Anyone who has had a water-heater rust through, a toilet overflow or broken flush valve knows this requires immediate attention (I have become, yes, a MASTER plumber.) Occupants then risk disease, at a minimum, if it goes unrepaired. Any investor financing such a program risks potential losses, which can’t be sustained – even by governments.

This is just a small nuts-and-bolts example of why liberal-progressive thinking is so much pie-in-sky. The devil’s in details like the above. Such will not stop liberal-progressives, who consider contrary facts mere speed bumps on the road to leftist preeminence. Their accomplices in outfits like ACORN use this “housing” thing as a convenient starting point in their quest for the programmatic result of income redistribution.

They may think America is unjust, or unfair, or racist, or greedy, or whatever, but we should all be confident that most ACORN members are doubtless sincere in their hopes for a better tomorrow; what rational person isn’t? ACORN members, including their officers, have been convinced they are victims of a corrupt economic system. In fact their members are victims of clever manipulators like Barack Obama, and the Rathke’s who founded ACORN. Their extreme-leftist, self-serving purpose isn’t to help the poor, it is to advance a nonsense agenda. They use ACORN and like organizations as stepping stones to achieve personal wealth and/or power for themselves. Whatever negative fallout occurs, the Obama/Rathke types escape accountability.

What about the less fortunate in society? Do you just leave them to fend for themselves in a cold, cruel, unjust United States? The mothers with no milk for their babies, no roof for their children – entitlement to milk and houses is a right! Anyone who does nothing while people starve doesn’t deserve respect or consideration!

Capitalists ARE doing something: expanding the economy to make food and housing more plentiful while lowering costs – if you l-p ninnies would just get out of the way and let us work. Leftists, don’t reject something just because you don’t understand it. Join us and help build something better, instead of tearing it down for the sake of some obscure reasoning.

If a private entity is involved in voter registration, then let that entity provide information regarding requirements and the proper government office to go register. Let that entity be funded by donations, not tax monies. Not requiring picture identification when voting, and allowing “clipboard” voter registration are both an invitation to fraud. But that is exactly what the modern political party calling themselves “Democrats” is all about.

If someone wants a home, let them earn the means to buy one. Adults know we only cherish those things that are earned. Children beg for free goodies.

ACORN has a network in place to provide needed assistance to their constituency that does not include empty gestures borne of false promises. Their best course lies in re-forming their own organization, not the rest of America. I truly hope for the sake of sincere ACORN members that they see the light, and turn away from the poisonous influences of insincere, dishonest opportunists like Obama and the Rathke’s. While they are at it, they should kick dumba** liberals to the curb, too.

Sadly, that scenario is unlikely.

Eddie Clements

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