David Paterson and the President

By: Michael John McCrae

It looks as if New York Governor David Paterson isn’t going to be receiving much support from the Obama Administration in his bid to continue in office. Asking New York Governor David Paterson not to run for election, President Obama, I suppose, is simply trying to keep New York a Blue State.

In keeping New York blue he will also be keeping the state in near bankruptcy; ever teetering in crisis. Isn’t New York now leading the charge in taxing soda pop and keeping people from smoking in public parks?

As a microcosm of socialist ideology run amok, New York is merely a mirror of what the United States can become by blindly following a false Messiah. The Messiah will always step in I suppose, whenever he spies one of his liberal bastions filled with ACORN registrants in jeopardy of losing political popularity.

It certainly didn’t take long to get rid of Tom Daschle or accept the resignation of that racist black guy who couldn’t keep a civil tongue in his face (You know, Van Jones, that guy whose name I can’t always remember and that the mainstream press won’t follow up on.) I believe I saw a headline that Obama’s administration is distancing itself from ACORN now and the ACORN CEO is “outraged” that the organization has brought so much shame upon itself. (Like having Black Panthers intimidate voters wasn’t shameful enough!)

Governor Paterson should proudly run on his record of tax hikes and infringements on personal liberty. Just like John Corzine of New Jersey should run on his liberal socialist record and the Governor of Michigan and the governors of any other state being run into the ground by democrats. They should all run on their records of non-achievement, tax hikes, fee hikes, budget deficits and record unemployment levels.

Well, I say, by all means let the democrats keep kicking themselves around. The Republicans cannot stop anything the democrats want to do. The democrats have all the votes. Let them own health care, cap and trade and every other program that will add to the deficit and send the nation’s grandchildren into generational debt for hundreds of years.

In the meantime, conservatives just need to keep telling the truth. Conservatives need to express their displeasure at the ballot box. They can even keep up the T.E. A. protests and sign painting. By the way Mr. President; Where Is the Birth Certificate?

I pray Governor Paterson sticks to his guns. I pray the likes of Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank will offer to campaign for him. Nothing like getting the most ethically challenged members of Congress out on the stump for another ethically challenged democrat. Hey! I know, that’s starting to sound like a broken record, but it is quite similar to Obama recommending tax cheats to run the treasury. It is ever like hearing Obama’s platitudes on health care and cap and tax!

Then the only major question remaining will be if Barack Obama will campaign, or in any other way support a liberal democrat governor who has been steadily losing political popularity for his failed policies. Obama will have to choose to support and campaign to continue a failed government or depending on the candidate, Obama may find himself supporting another of his cronies against one of only two national black governors. It might be most wise for Obama to stay out of this one altogether and let the chips fall.

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