Republicans Shouldn’t Throw Causation To The Wind

By: Ken Hughes

There’s a conservative movement sweeping across this country like a California wild fire, however the GOP shouldn’t take this as any sign of their doing. The Tea Party / Town Hall meetings are grass roots efforts that have nothing to do with efforts by ether political party but instead are protests against both parties as well as the president. Congressional Republicans have made a very poor showing in attempting to curb Obama’s power grab. There are a myriad of problems created by the 111th congress and the Obama administration not the least of which is the national deficit of 9 trillion dollars. This administration has spent more borrowed money in 8 months than the previous administration had in 8 years. When we look back nothing meaningful has been accomplished in the past 8 months quite the contrary much as been lost. The public is beginning to realize a single party governing is not in the best interests of the nation. This is something that is bound to change in the 2010 mid-term elections.

The question is will the current Republicans in congress stand up to the liberals on the other side of the isles and represent the people rather than only their parties’ interests. The executive branch and congress cut the public out of the process years ago. Not just this administration but previous administrations going back years have left public interests in the dust. Every few decades the public decides enough politics and demands congress get back to representing the business of the people. Will the current Republicans wake up and smell the coffee or will it take a new group of conservative congressional candidates to break the hold liberalism has on our government?

Republican congress persons are finally standing up and letting their voices be heard only because of the public outcry. The problem the right has is getting their message out, the mainstream media will print all the lies the left sends them each day, they won’t print one truth coming from the right. For 8 years congressional Republicans refused to stand behind their president, they allowed the left to pummel President Bush with few comments in his support. For the first 6 months of Obama’s presidency congressional Republicans accepted their status as losers and stood silent. Only now they see the public doing the job they should have been doing they somehow found a backbone and a few are coming forward challenging Obama and the 111th congressional leadership.

If the GOP thinks they own the Tea Party / Town Hall protests they are sorely mistaken. There are as many disenfranchised Democrats, Independents and disgusted Republicans as there are active Republicans. The leadership for these meeting isn’t coming from any political organization it’s coming from the anger building up about a government out of control. The mainstream media is facing the same conundrum Republican politicians are facing, whether to do the right thing and do the jobs they are paid to do or continue to take their marching orders from administrative liberals.

All except those star eyed liberals whose ideologies are wrapped in Pollyanna politics are just now beginning to realize what a mistake it was to elect Obama president. He’s an arrogant young man with little experiences used to getting his own way. That doesn’t sit well in a president chosen to lead 300 million independent soles. Americans aren’t like others in this world they don’t react well to commands their more inclined to favor discussions. The public is beginning to realize there is a lot more “I ” to Obama than “WE”, Obama may not be aware the preamble to the constitution starts with We The People! When an administration turns on the people the way this Obama administration has the people inevitably have the choice how long that administration will last. The first trees to fall in 2010 will be those congress persons who sided with Obama’s take over and theft of Americans rights and freedoms.

Anyone wishing to represent conservatives in the next congress regardless of party affiliation better make their intentions known now. The hour is late and the public is speaking loud and clear, no more liberalism. A conservative doesn’t have to be a Republican they just can’t be a liberal, there’s no such thing as a liberal conservative.

There’s no doubt in any reasonable persons mind congress is in for a well deserved shaking up in the 2010 midterm elections. It going to be up to the voters to see the same brand of politician as has been elected in the past isn’t sent to Washington thinking the public is here to do their biddings rather than the other way around.

Wake up America it’s your country to lose. Do you want a Cuba, Iran or a Venezuela for your grandchildren?


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