Democrats Changing Their Tune on Afghanistan

By: Craig Chamberlain

The cut and run caucus is at it again. Despite the report that about 40,000 new troops are needed in Afghanistan it is unlikely that President Obama will listen to the military, and will instead try an “offshore” strategy of using cruise missiles and Predator drones for precision strikes. This is a strategy shift from eradication to containment. There’s a problem with this strategy: it doesn’t work.

During the Clinton administration the offshore strategy was the only defense policy we had, anything to avoid putting boots on the ground and really getting after the enemy. What was the result? An empowered Al-Qaeda network that was able to attack us with impunity, as they were easily able to dodge our cruise missiles and hide themselves away safely. They bombed our embassies in Kenya, and Tanzania. They bombed the Khobar towers, they bombed the USS Cole, and of course there was that little thing we call 9-11. That’s what the offshore strategy will get you. An enemy that will be able to attack you at will, and one that will grow stronger and stronger until we have another catastrophic attack that kills thousands of Americans.

During the Bush administration we only suffered one terrorist attack, and that was due to the failed policies of his predecessor that culminated in 9-11 just nine months into his Presidency. We didn’t suffer another attack, even though every one expected us to be attacked again. From politicians to foreign policy gurus, national security experts, to the man on the street, the opinion was pretty much universal. There would be more attacks on American soil. Yet that didn’t prove to be the case. Why not? Was it because Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden had felt they had proved their point and didn’t want to attack us anymore? Was it because we gave the Muslim world a speech apologizing for our existence? Of course not, we haven’t been attacked not because Bin Laden and like minded psychopaths have lost interest in attacking us, but because- for the time being- they have lost the ability because we have spent the last eight years on the offensive hunting them down like the dogs they are.

Remember that before 9-11-01, Afghanistan was ruled by a joint venture of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Taliban controlled the domestic affairs, and in exchange they would receive help from Al-Qaeda in conquering the country and allow them to use it as a base of operations from which they could launch their attacks. Removing our forces will allow that relationship to reform, and that’s not in the best interest of anyone.

The Democrats spent the last six years screaming bloody murder that we took our eyes off Afghanistan for an imperial adventure in Iraq. That we let Al-Qaeda slip through our fingers so we could depose Saddam Hussein, that Afghanistan was the good war while Iraq was a waste of blood and treasure. Apparently the Democrats lied. What a shock! A party of liars and cowards acting like liars and cowards. Why didn’t we see this coming? Oh wait, we did. Now, Afghanistan has gone from the good war, to being a waste of time, a holdover from the Bush administration for which no time can be spared, not when we need universal health care, cap and tax, and a voodoo summit on global warming so much more than we need to defend the United States.

Let’s consider the consequences of this new strategy. The Islamists believe that they are the ones who brought down the Soviet Union, and that they did it by forcing them to withdraw from Afghanistan. If we leave Afghanistan we will see a surge in Islamist propaganda about the defeat of the worlds last superpower, also in Afghanistan, a surge in recruitment, and we will be right back to where we started. We will not be able to keep the Taliban or Al-Qaeda bottled up in the mountains. If we cut back on our presence, the Taliban will go from being a serious guerilla movement to once again being in charge. Kandahar and Jalalabad will fall quickly, and Kabul won’t last long after that. Al-Qaeda will once again have a safe haven, and depriving them of that safe haven is why we went into Afghanistan in the first place.

All of those who died will have died for nothing. They will have fought to protect their country only to see their country to betray them. The momentum will shift back to the terrorists, more lives will be at risk, more nations will be in danger. The Islamists will proclaim victory, and we won’t be dealing with a badly battered terrorist network hiding in rat holes, but an energized worldwide movement intent on destroying the US, and instituting Sharia law, and with such weak, stupid leadership in Washington now’s there best chance.

President Obama talked about repairing our alliances and our relationships with foreign powers, as if President Bush had alienated everyone. Yet President Obama has gone out of his way to weaken ties with key American allies. He’s, at heart, a bully who likes to push around nations that have been traditionally pro American while backing any tyrannical anti American government he can find. Our relationship with Great Britain is the weakest it’s been in decades, and our relationship with Israel is so poor right now one could hardly call them an ally, even with a Pro American like Netanyahu being Prime Minister. All the while he supports Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez and his clients over the supporters of democracy. What’s this mean to be an American ally right now. President Obama is shoving allies under the bus, just look at Poland or the Czech Republic who we have sacrificed, once again, to Russia. If we let Afghanistan fall under Taliban control it will say loud and clear that America is an untrustworthy ally, who won’t stand by you in bad times. In less than one year President Obama has damages more relationships than President Bush did in eight years. He will damage far more if he shows we’re not willing to defend our allies, like the Afghan government.

General McChrystal was put in charge of the battle for Afghanistan. He was put in charge to win it and the government should do everything it can to make sure that we do. He’s asked for more troops, and they should be sent. He’s the military man , and we should trust his judgement on military matters. Those urging our retreat from Afghanistan don’t understand the situation, the consequences, or have American security as a top priority. If 40,000 more troops are needed then send them.

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