Rahmmit Through: Liberal Path to Permanent Power

By: Guest Authors

E. Anthony Santos (Tony)

Ten months of crisis, real and manufactured has left the U.S. Constitution with countless unchallenged tread marks. “Rahammit Through”, crisis deployment, … the Liberal path to permanent power

Political control of the Federal Government is often short lived, at best a few terms. The legacy of an 8 year Democratic Hat Trick (1961-1968) was the only war liberals would ever wage, ….. the $14.3 Trillion, 45 year War on Poverty. Still engaged, liberals would argue a 45 year Conservative obstruction to funding.

Ideological control and policies could span decades, rendering politics, and the Constitution irrelevant. Advancing this agenda requires controlling interest in the Federal Government, a series of crisis, and legislation instituted quickly, months not years, with as little scrutiny as possible.

Salvaging Opportunity:

June 2008: Democratic prospects for a November 08 victory were fading. General Petraeus Surge strategy offered victory in Iraq. Enviro legislation restricting domestic energy production, doubled costs, but would not insure a Democratic White House. A new crisis on the Bush watch required a catalyst. Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D, NY) June 26TH letter to OTS (released to the press) “expressing concern for the financial deterioration of IndyMac” triggers a $1.3 Billion dollar, 11 day bank run. IndyMac’s demise, an FDIC $8 Billion dollar bailout fuels the credit, and the subprime failure . With the collapse of Fannie, and Freddie, Democrat’s have their October surprise. The global economic meltdown and collateral damage are predictably hung on Wall Street, De-Regulation, and George W. Bush.

Daily predictions of global financial collapse, the Dow circling the bowl, gives license to TARP, Hank Paulson’s 3 page $700 Billion Triage concept to avert imminent failure. Two short weeks and billions to satisfy Congress voracious appetite for pork mask the expanded powers of the Federal Government to seize, regulate business and financial institutions.

With the White House under new management, Barack Obama is given a wide birth. Crisis deployment helps advance a $1.2 Trillion dollar Liberal investment in recession maintenance. Porkulus / Stimulus, Tarp II , $410 Billion Omnibus Spending Bill, thousands of pages, billions in Pork, Rahmmed through. Had the Stimulus produced some positive measure, and H.R. 3200 (Obama Care) been designed with Stealth, the only legislation liberals need to advance long term if not permanent control, H.R. 3200 might already be law.

Barack Obama: “We are Broke” (broke by design). The wealthiest nation on the planet is cash poor. Hillary Clinton’s 1st mission as Secretary of State, to convince Beijing to continue acquiring Treasury instruments. Months earlier still a Presidential Contendah’, China’s holdings were a threat to National Security. American Capitalism has helped power the economies of our most powerful adversaries and allies, some having openly condemned capitalism, are now secretly hoping America’s rapid return to Free Market Principles and Prosperity.

Despite assurances to Beijing, their investments are in good hands, a Clinton, Geithner weekend bonding with 150 Beijing bankers and diplomats, the Fed continues to print money. Barack Obama request an increase to the $12.1 Trillion dollar Federal ATM card, the dollar hits a new low, Gold tops $1000/oz , and new calls to replace the dollar standard, are we approaching an Economic Flashpoint …. Behind Door #1 Global Stagflation, Behind Door #2 a no expense paid trip back to Bretton Woods. As the future of the dollar become more desperate the Socialist Wannabees would not be above a yard sale of America’s resources or sovereignty.

A Republic in Name Only

The ink on the Constitution was barely dry when the Federal Government Power began to amass power. Today the dynamics of power has morphed beyond the Framers safeguards….. Constitutional or States Rights issues are rarely a consideration. Interests of the people are a distant 3rd to party interest and group politics and special interest. The people have been reduced to a political quotient, the ability to vote, pay taxes, and party affiliation, fertile ground for ACORN

In the last year the expanded power of government, buried in thousands of pages legislation Rahmmed through Congress has met exactly Zero Constitutional challenges. The Nationalization of major financial institutions, GM a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Government and the UAW, Miranda / Constitutional rights extended to terrorists…. Zero Challenges. Barack Obama’s “Shadow Cabinet” of 30 something Czars / Political Lieutenants affecting policy, regulation and control of energy, electronic communications medium, education, healthcare, immigration, census, ad nauseum … Zero Constitutional Challenges. This system has long since passed broke, passed corruption and corruption legitimized by its members.

News, facts and information powered by Conservative Media has empowered millions of Americans to research, organize and engage. The task of restoring the Republic cannot wait or be left to future generations, the return to Founding Principles, Limited Government, . The left has branded them right wing radicals, extremists, or racist. The Founders would have called them Patriots.

E. Anthony Santos (Tony)
EMail aesantos@FreedomsPilot.com


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