China Puts RFID Active Satellite Tracking on Weapons Sold to Iran, Syria, and Al Qaeda

By: Lance Winslow

Thanks to close ties between the United States CIA and Beijing, the Chinese have agreed to continue to implant secret devices in “all” of the major weaponry they sell to foreign rogue nations such as Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Pakistan, and even Al Qaeda. These special devices will only be activated when hit with three simultaneous frequencies, which then triggers a micro-sensor that relays up to the satellite. This way in case any of these nation-states or terrorist groups intend to use such weapons on Israeli or US positions or military assets, they will be immediately identified and targeted by UAV in the battlespace.

Why was this done? It was done under a secret agreement so that the US would not call for a boycott of Chinese Products into the US, which would cripple China’s economic engine and cause them to implode economically. Why is this important for the USA? Simple, knowing where these high-tech weapon assets are helps the United States military take care of business, thus, rendering those enemy war-fighters, and/or terrorists deleted and it still gives China the benefit of the revenue from the sale of these military weapons. Everyone wins, except those nations or bad guys buying the products.

Indeed, it also helps the Chinese Military in case those weapons fall into the hands of forces that would challenge China in any given area of the globe. It is especially good for China’s involvement in Africa, where they are selling weapons to rogue regimes that may not be in power in the future, and those weapons could fall into the hands of those who oppose Chinese exploits of raw materials in those countries. Please consider all this important information, which was obtained by our secret sources.

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