Deluded Restaurateur, Bigoted Anti-White Environmentalist & Montel Bong Hits: Headline Potpourri #8

By: Frederick Meekins

Michael Savage has been dropped from a station in his hometown of San Francisco. As the Bible says, a prophet is without honor in his own land. It is claimed the move was made because the station wanted to go in a different philosophical direction with more contemporary content. In other words, the station managers were actually hoping to propagate leftwing debauchery.

Because they don’t want to listen to Glenn Beck, a group of Michigan leftists believes no one else should be allowed to either. From the story, one gets the impression that the group of rabblerousers aren’t even members of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce who invited Beck. Does the Chamber of Commerce go and protest whatever leftwing dregs address the socialist conclaves? Did conservatives rampage outside this annual event when serpent man James Carville addressed the event in years past?

Socialistic anti-White bigot Cornel West is scheduled to address a prominent environmentalist conference in Washington. Pluralists will yammer that this organization should have the liberty to invite anyone they want to address their convention. Quite true. However, I am not among these tolerancemongers who are picketing the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for daring to invite Glenn Beck. It must be remembered that, unlike those at 9/12 rallies and Tea Parties, leftists usually destroy property at their protests.

A Maryland restaurateur apparently thinks mass murder is a cutesy laughing matter since he has named his eatery Rhode Island Reds and given it a Bolshevist theme. Does he realize that small business owners like him were lined up against the wall and shot where Communists seized power? If it’s O.K. to have an eatery with Communistic decor, maybe we should also open one with a NAZI motif. Better yet, maybe we can have one where patrons are served by waiters wearing Klan robes. Why not? Marxists around the world are guilty of shedding as much and perhaps even more blood than the adherents of fascistic racialism.

If it is improper to shout out during an address before Congress that the President lies, then why is all the incessant fawning applause proper? I ask all of those now in a tizzy, will your manners keep you warm when your freedom has been taken away and you find yourself either in financial ruin at best or in a reeducation camp at worst? If Obama can threaten to call out those critical of his healthcare plan, why can’t we do the same to him?
Contrary to his most diehard fanatics, Obama is no God and it is suppose to be the Constitution and not the President that reigns supreme in the land of liberty.

In a display of bipartisanship that would make Nancy Pelosi and President Obama proud, Montel Williams is urging Representative Michelle Bachman to slit her wrists. Is this civil or is Montel held to a different standard because he is a Black liberal? Sounds like someone missed out on their bong hit that morning.

A teen girl claiming to worship Satan set fire to a number of pews inside a California church. However, since the structure was owned by Mormons, a sect ridiculed for being White in terms of its members, it seems authorities are taking a rather blasé approach to the incident. In an account posted at, fire officials said their primary concern is to make sure the girl received counseling rather than to see that she is punished. Had the girl set fire to a Black or Hispanic church, a Jewish synagogue, or an Islamic mosque, would the tone of authorities be so carefree? Had an inexcusable act like this been inflicted upon one of these cherished minorities, California’s “Hate Crime” laws would have come into play. After all, the girl’s mother has confirmed that the girl hate’s the church.

At the local library, there is a map of Central and South America on the wall for immigrants to place a sticker on where they are from. Since suburban Maryland is highly transient in terms of population, where are maps of the other states and countries of the world for the remainder of we taxpayers to do the same? Maybe the library should concentrate on keeping the shelves in order rather than pandering to immigrant populations since as of late they look torn to Hades.

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