Obama Is Acting Like A Queen Of The Prom

By: Ken Hughes

Obama assumed when he become president of the most powerful nation on earth that when he spoke the world would listen. He had neither the experience nor the determination to make that happen. There‘s a skill to the art of playing chicken neither Obama nor his team has the nerve for. Obama started his presidency by bowing to Kings and hugging dictators. Now he’s discovering those Kings and dictators were playing him for a fool. This week at the UN he tried and failed to position himself as a new Messiah of a new world order. Obama is becoming a train wreck for America by his inability to look before he steps into the manure pile of international diplomacy if we can call it that. Ronald Reagan spoke softly and carried a big stick, George Herbert Bush had years of diplomatic experiences, Bill Clinton successfully cajoled his way through eight years of dealing with world leaders, George W Bush maintained the statuesque allowing the world to do its thing and America to do its thing. The wars were meant to contain terrorists not necessarily defeat them, they were successfully being contained. In the beginning the American people were told by George Bush we would win battles but not the war that the war on terror would last for decades. No one listened they followed the media blitz promoted by Bush’s left wing critics.

There’s a hypocrisy in Obama’s actions that defies any logic, first to put it bluntly Obama is all mouth and image with no brain backing it up. He speaks in what he perceives as near biblical prophecy and other see as his playing the fool. Obama came to this position not by his accomplishments or experiences rather by one of the most effectively choreographed production in American political history. The problems came with the success becoming president his team knew how to get him there but didn’t know what to do with their product after the fact. They’ve failed both Obama and the American people and have no clue how to correct this enormous conundrum they’ve created.

Obama spent the first six months of his presidency apologizing to the world for what he perceived as being Americans contribution to the decaying of the worlds moral standards. He spent the next three months chastising and lecturing the American people for not accepting his views how the people should conduct themselves. The public is still at a loss how to interpret Obama’s ideology when it’s obvious his past associates have been conman, thugs and radical extremists. Most of what Obama’s perusing harkens back to Al Capone’s Chicago in the 20’s and 30’s and Roosevelt’s New Deal, neither of these ideologies lasted for more than a decade.

Every single day I have people ask me what’s going to happen to America if Obama and the 111th Liberal Congress are allowed to continue down this road to socialism. I have faith in the American people and in the constitution the founding father foresaw the possibility of something like one party rule happening and set roadblocks in the way. Every two years the house and one third of the senate come up for reelection. If voters are diligent they weed out the misfits and sharks and elect new and more responsible representation. There is no nation that has been blessed with a constitution guarantying the rights of its citizens to the degree America has. Obama may alter the course of the nation temporally but the Republic will survive Obama and his liberal beliefs as it has survived others who would change the course of freedom and prosperity America has enjoyed for over 200 years.

This past week has been particularly interesting the media has all but ignored Obama’s posturing before world leaders and those who have reported on the week’s events have given Obama high marks for his verbal attack on Iran. It wasn’t that long ago Obama said what happens in Iran is Iran’s affair.

This new economic world order Obama called for is confusing. On the one hand he wants to improve world trade and on the other hand he’s proposing tariffs on some Chinese products coming into the UA. Obama is in favor of this new world currency being suggested doesn’t he understand how that would affect congresses favorite activity, deficit spending? If America no longer controlled its own monetary system it would mean going to an international commission for approval of any deficit spending. It would also mean that same international commission would more than likely set tax policy for all Americans.

These are but a few of the reason Obama has to be stopped now before he brings down the greatest nation in the world. One world order is nothing less than communism taking a second bit of the apple. By his very nature God created man to be competitive, that’s how things get done. Nature never intended the few to hold court over the masses. Even in animal cultures leaders are never in total control of their followers there’s always a certain amount if independent spirit practiced.

The public must continue to be diligent in their opposition to Obama’s antics. I have faith in the American people they aren’t be taken by the hucksters in congress and the number one huckster “Barack Hussein Obama uhua uhua uhua” as those New Jersey school children were forced to chant. You can bet Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers will have that little ditty translated into Spanish and make it a requirement in their respective countries.

it’s imperative the public keep the Town Hall protests and the Tea Party meeting going in order to keep the pressure on congress. The only way to stop Obama before 2012 is by changing the attitude of congress, the only way to stop congress it to put the fear of God and reelection into them. The only way to stop the pending train wreck is at the voting booth in November 2010.


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