The Democrats Awful Agenda

By: Craig Chamberlain

The left must be going out of their collective little mind. Here they are, with 60 votes in the United States Senate, they have a 78 vote majority in the House of Representatives, and the President is firmly on their side. Even with all of these advantages they can’t seem to pass the President’s main agenda.

Let’s be honest, cap and trade, and the health care legislation are the keystones to the Obama Presidency. He envisions these bills as the legacy to his presidency. He just has one little problem: neither bill is going anywhere. This has the left wing of the Democratic party in a frenzy. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The Blue Dogs were only supposed to be a means to an end, useful idiots who could fool the boobs, and allow them to take over Washington. They were never supposed to express their own opinions or challenge the Progressive Caucus and their agenda. The left wing wants to move the country fundamentally, and irrevocably, to the left. Even if that means they lose congress in 2010. The only Democrats who would be in danger of losing their seats are the expendable Blue Dogs. They move the country to the left, and strengthen the left wing of the party in such a way that they won’t need Blue Dog Democrats. At least that was their plan.

Things haven’t quite worked out that way. They couldn’t conceive of the idea that the American people would be against their restructuring of American society. After all, as the Democrats were fond of pointing out, they won the elections. That means they could do anything they wanted to do. Well, not quite. Neither one of their victories, in 2006 or 2008, was a mandate for radical transformation as much as it was a condemnation of the waste during the Republican tenure.

The American people have made their voice known, loud and clear. They are smart enough to know that cap and trade, which barely passed the House, and is dead in the Senate, will cripple the American economy and will make the price of energy so prohibitively high that most Americans won’t be able to afford any energy at all. Which is just what the environmental fascists want. Fortunately the Senate is a bit more independent than the House, and there are too many Democrats who come from coal producing states to get that abomination of a bill to the Presidents desk.

Then there is the health care bill, the leftist day dream for the last 70 years. We all know what this is by now. This is where, under the guise of compassion for the poor,they take over a huge portion of the American economy, overstep their constitutional bounds, wreck the economy, and drive up the debt at a time when we already are the worlds largest debtor nation. Helping people with their medical insurance, as we all know by now, has nothing to do with it, it’s about making the people more dependent on the government. I guess I should say more dependent on the government than they already are.

Senator Baucus(D-MT) is trying desperately to get some health care bill passed, all under the illusion of compromise. The American people shouldn’t be fooled for an instant. The Baucus plan, even without the public option, is still bad medicine. The truth is that the goal is still socialism, it’s just not as overt if the public option is taken out of it. The government would still be setting the agenda, controlling prices, and ordering people to get health insurance, whether they wanted it or not, all for the good of society.

Every piece of legislation the Democrats have passed, or tried to pass, (especially these two) have all been about taking away individual freedoms of the American people. The Republicans, and the American people need to remain firm in their opposition, any “compromise” is just a trojan horse to get their radical agenda passed. If that happens America will not be the same country that it has been. Lucky for people who love the constitution, and liberty, that the left is incompetent. Just because they are incompetent doesn’t mean that they are not determined. The American people must continue to make their opposition known to their members of Congress. The last thing we can afford is to accept a phony compromise that bankrupts the treasury, gives government power it doesn’t constitutionally have, and takes away freedom.

America is on the precipice, and if the Democrats pass their agenda it will go over.

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