Obama, The Procrastinator

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

So our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” has decided that having the Olympics in his home town of Chicago is far more important than any and all domestic quality of life issues directly affecting the American people. He obviously feels that this is his number one top propriety over all foreign events such as Korea and Iran, developing a nuclear bomb, and the safety and security of our brave men and women in the United States military left hung out to dry in Afghanistan.

He refuses to acknowledge their essential needs with his unanswerable reply concerning their enhanced plight of diminished resources which they petitioned and addressed to him as their Commander-In-Chief. His amnesia state of his sworn oath of office, which is to defend American from all enemies foreign and domestic, has denied the basic fundamentals to our security and more importantly refusing our military reinforcements by having additional; manpower to preserve victory and hindering any further increases of additional American loss of life and injury.

These brave unselfish courageous men and women of the Military, who are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and who are stationed all over the world, deserve more than a deaf ear and back turned by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” and his merry supporters of Socialist misfits, than relentlessly securing a sporting event over their precious lives. His incompetent Administration full of radical sixties throwbacks, Communists, Socialists, Racists, and Fascists are betraying our precious heroes.

General McChrystal’s wish list to our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” has been totally and viciously ignored with valuable time lost. Questioning his intellectual core of establishing correct and responsible priorities, his ultimate tardiness in this particular case could possibly result in extreme loss of life, injury and possible defeat. Each passing minute of procrastination places our military personnel undermanned with limited weaponry and defenses facing a merciless, callous, brutal, cold hearted enemy. How in all that is decent, compassionate, logical, caring with good conscience, can any elected leader, become so unscrupulous and callous as to betray our unselfish courageous soldiers in harms way, over the Olympics. Shame on you, Mr. President.

These brave and honorable individuals, who are the defenders of all our precious freedoms needs a strong united American behind them, protecting their backs on the home front. They are constantly being undermined by weak spineless politicians, that believe in bending over and bowing down to our enemies will enhance peace and harmony. What ever happened to our strong willed fearless, intelligent leaders, such as our last Conservative President, Ronald Reagan, who said, “Trust, But Verify” and “Peace through Strength”. The Berlin wall didn’t fall like Jericho because he was a pacifist. He didn’t defeat the evil Emperor by being a scared mouse hiding in the corner. He did it through power and fearlessness. He did it to win, because defeat wasn’t a solution.

These ruthless despicable enemies of the Constitution are the imbecilic traitors who have the audacity to blame The United States of American for all the mishaps of the world, and the most disgusting foul imprudence of condemning our true heroic, brave service men and women. We obviously have a lot on our plate, protecting our Constitutional liberties, together with a Socialist takeover of healthcare, our economy, A.C.O.R.N., corruption, Czars, and our children being brainwashed in our public schools. These are very important issues, the list goes on, but we must never forget or relinquish our duty in supporting and protecting all those who protect us. God Bless them all, and God Bless America.

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