An Unspeakable Act of Racism In Virginia

By: Jim Byrd

So it has come to this.

Ever since Obama ascended to the throne of America, wholesale racism has emanated from the bowels of this once unconditionally non-prejudicial country. It wasn’t until a black president was elected, by the majority of citizens, mind you, that racism started permeating the very fabric of this once great country. Not a single source of media can be browsed without an incident of racism or race-based discrimination being boldly highlighted in the headline. The exception to this is conservative media outlets. For some peculiar and iniquitous reason, conservative media seems to be content ignoring the million plus acts of racism taking place in the country every day since Obama was elected. Newsworthy and myriad acts of racism are committed around the clock, yet the conservative media seems to be content with selfishly ignoring these atrocities while enjoying a viewership of many multiples over their liberal media brethren. Shameless.

The admirable folk of Arlington, Virginia are pushing back against industrial racism mandated by Virginia, but at what peril is anyone’s guess. Arlington, Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the state of Virginia to hopefully right a wrong so egregious, it evokes memories of the height of state sanctioned racism. And if Arlington is successful with its lawsuit, the verdict could reverberate throughout this country. It could have the instantaneous impact on racism that the ratification of the 13th Amendment did. With the stroke of a pen, racism and discrimination were eliminated by legislative fiat.

What is this nefarious and scandalous form of racism perpetuated by the state of Virginia of which I speak? Has Virginia reinstated slavery? No. Has Virginia reincarnated Jim Crow era laws? No. Has Virginia unleashed attack dogs and high-powered water hoses on congregating blacks? No, much worse than any of these described atrocious acts.

If you feel your hackles begin to rise on your neck with indignant anticipation of the acts of racism that I am about to unveil, hold steady, as you are likely an accessory to this heinous and disgusting act. I am guilty, and am forever compelled to seek atonement by spreading the word that every metropolitan area and state is complicit of this crime. It started innocently enough: a few friends and I were out for a joyride on a local turnpike, for expedition of our travels, and hoping for a greener earth, we pulled into the HOV lane. In retrospect, we might as well have hung a hangman’s noose out the window.

HOV lanes. High occupancy lanes. HOT lanes. High occupancy toll lanes. It’s that ugly. These egregiously racist emission-saving and transportation-easement tools of racism have, unfortunately, been unleashed on the minorities of Arlington County.
The facts are these:

Arlington: Race a Factor in HOT Lanes
A lawsuit filed by Arlington County last month claims the lanes benefit wealthy white people and discriminates against minorities. While the only rule to get in the HOV lanes on Interstate 395 is you must have three people in the car, Arlington claims adding HOT lanes would cut out poor and minorities by defacto.

Buried in the lawsuit filed last month, county attorneys argued the HOT lanes, “encourage and enable a financially-able, privileged class of suburban and rural, primarily Caucasian residents from Stafford and Spotsylvania counties operating single occupancy vehicles (“SOV”) unimpeded access on toll lanes.”

In other words, it benefits wealthy white people.

A few pages later, the suit claims the Federal Highway Administration and the Virginia Department of Transportation failed to do the proper environmental analysis and that “their actions also constituted civil rights violations as they discriminated against minority and low income communities.”

Arlington County Chair Barbara Favola says the race issue only arose because the environmental review includes socioeconomic impact.

“It is not our intention to play a race card. I think that’s a very divisive approach,” Favola told FOX5.
Before filing the lawsuit, she says, the board never actually discussed race as a factor and that air quality has always been the chief issue.

“We were concerned about everybody being affected by the project. We thought congestion was not going to be significantly reduced,” Favola said.

It is apparent what is going on here. Immediately following Obama’s election, this country has reverted back to state mandated racism not seen since circa 1860; this brand of racism, according to left leaning pundits, is more rampant and virulent than anything offered up a decade and a half ago. This is not conjecture nor anecdotal accusations, my friends, one only needs to spend a modicum amount of time perusing mainstream media, listening to Democrats, and one will be abhorred at the level of racism that has engulfed this country after Nov. 4.

HOV/HOT lanes, mon Dieu, what’s next, public lynching? Or perhaps a far worse form of racism, the continued disagreement of Obama’s policies and resistance to Fascism. That is a level of racism that cannot be tolerated for any length without rending this country asunder.

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