It’s Spelled S-A-R-A–H P-A-L-I-N

By: Ken Hughes

There an old adage, “Say anything you like about me just spell my name right” I have no doubt in recent months this has crossed Sarah Palin’s mind more than once. Sarah Palin came to the attention of the people in the lower 48 states a little more than a year ago. No sooner had the McCain campaign announced her as the VP choice of the GOP leftwing bloggers began their attacks, some even before they could properly spell her name. The left’s attacks were as unwarranted, vindictive and despicable as those launched against George Bush during his campaign and subsequent presidency. Candidate’s families have traditionally been off limits to political pundit’s criticism, not for the Palin’s even Palin’s young autistic son and adolescent daughters were subject to the lefts attacks. Thus proving yet again the left is morally bankrupt without any sense of decency.

All we can say to those on the left who continually bash Sarah Palin. Please, please don’t stop if not for your continued attention Sarah Palin wouldn’t be the new American Icon she becoming. The right certainly isn’t doing anything to support her and she hasn’t gone out of her way to do any self promotion. The lefts blogs are filled with things they think Sarah Palin is thinking but hasn’t said. Her recent appearance before a group of bankers in Hong Kong was sans media before she left the podium leftist bloggers were critiquing her speech without knowing a single word she spoke. The left criticizes Palin for her lack of an eastern university education and her in ability to communicate. It seems she is communicating quite well with the American people with the help of the left’s continually dogging her ever word. The difference between listing to Sarah Palin and Barack Obama is the same as listing to Peter Jennings [Sarah Palin] and Donald Duck [Barack Obama]. Sarah Palin is about as articulate as anyone when it comes to speaking what has become known as American English which incidentally isn’t English but a combination of dozens of languages all mixed into one.

If Sarah Palin were backed by Acorn she couldn’t ask for more attention than the left is paying to her. What harm has the left done Sarah Palin, none? Her book “Sarah Palin Going Rouge” has become number one on Amazon dot com’s pre-published list to the tune of 7 million copies. Advance copies haven’t been sent out yet and already it’s being critiqued by the left without knowing what it has in it. Some of the comment’s I’ve read are ghost written, poorly written, filled with lies and about any distorted comments one can imagine. Poor Sarah every time a liberal opens his or her mouth she gains in popularity and sells a few more books. The left just doesn’t get it rather than discrediting Sarah Palin with their campaign of character assassination they’re actually promoting her to a higher status than she would be able to do on her own. Team Obama may know a lot about the Muslim world, they know very little about the American people. When a teamster is kicking his dead horse the public always roots for the dead horse.

Sarah Palin is scaring the crap out of the left, they’re afraid she’ll be able to pull off in 2012 what Hillary Clinton couldn’t do in 2008 and that’s become the first female president on this country. Sarah Palin hasn’t indicated what her future political plans are however the far left who presumes to think for everyone has her mind made up for her. In their minds she will be the GOP candidate in 2012, they think it therefore it must be true. Sarah Palin has more than one option open to her and with the avid support of the Democrats she has a good chance of getting anything she goes after. I say avid support by Democrats because so far Republicans have hardly noticed her, the party hasn’t made any effort to support her for any future political position.

As my dearly departed Shoshone Grandmother would say, There are none as blind as those who will not listen! Liberals have a tendency to ignore anything not written in their playbook as not being worthy of consideration. That may be alright when addressing their constituency but when they’re trying to win over the masses it isn’t the most effective strategy. No one wants to be a 24/7 listener with no input into the conversation, that amounts to lecturing and not communication. Sarah Palin’s demonstrated an ability to make her point and allow others to make theirs at the same time. I don’t know what Sarah Palins strategy for the future is, I doubt many people do. One thing is for sure she’s going to continue to sweep up the trash the left is putting out there and recycle it into political gold as the TV commercials tell us gold not government is today’s only secure investment she’ll be rich beyond her wildest dreams.

One thing is certain if Sarah Palin is only 5% smarter than Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama she qualifies to be president and it doesn’t take a hell of a lot to be smarter than those two liars.

It will be interesting to see just how many books Sarah Palin sells, you can bet she isn’t going to be on the Oprah show promoting it. Hitting the road running with 7 million presales makes for a good start on her part. I can‘t wait for Liberal bloggers to excerpt juicy comments from the book and distort them making the book just that much more interesting to the general public.

Whatever Sarah Palin decides to do or not do will be fine with her true admirers. If nothing else she has the Liberal left in a cold sweat worrying about the 2012 presidential election.


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