Another Cause for “Wise Latinas/Latinos”?

By: Michael John McCrae

The article appeared on entitled: “Hispanic Caucus Calls for Ending Program That Identified 100,000 Illegal Aliens, Many With Criminal Records” by Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer. It began: “The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has asked the Obama administration to “immediately terminate” a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program that has identified more than 120,000 illegal aliens over the past three years…”

First of all I need to breathe. I will contemplate the title “Congressional Hispanic Caucus”. I will then contemplate the title “Congressional Black Caucus”. I would take a similar moment to contemplate the title “Congressional White Caucus” but there isn’t one of those so let me just concentrate on the CBC and the CHC. Okay. Here goes.

The CHC supposedly consists of Americans who were elected to office by other Americans to the seats they now hold in the American Congress. That means these people are there to represent the priorities of Americans. The priorities of Americans at this moment in time include secure borders and jobs for Americans.

What the CHC seems to be saying here is that they could care less about securing borders and securing jobs for real Americans. Their priority is to destroy a program that has been working over the course of three years to identify people in the country illegally and ignore illegal border-jumpers altogether.

What they most strongly object to is the Department of Homeland Security memorandums that have given more authority to local communities (the ones most affected by the crimes committed by people in America illegally) to identify, arrest and incarcerate known lawbreakers. They want to retain this power to the Federal side because it is less effectual in capturing and detaining these people while giving the CHC opportunities to find ways to circumvent immigration laws to grant amnesty to nearly twelve million suspected undocumented border-jumpers.

Quoting the article: “On behalf of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), we write to ask that you immediately terminate all Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) under the 287(g) program and cease to establish such agreements…“These agreements are the subject of serious concern as local law enforcement agencies have used the new powers to target communities of color, including a disproportionate number of Latinos, for arrest,” says the letter.”

The term “immediately terminate” is interesting. The CHC doesn’t want discussion or debate on the merits of the MOU’s that have been effective in deterring alien crime. They are concerned more of the “disproportionate” numbers of Latinos caught up in their crimes. They hope to immediately handcuff local law agencies; forcing them to stand down in their efforts to keep their communities safe. Meanwhile, more illegal Latinos are permitted to infiltrate the United States without fear of arrest. This is convoluted.

This is wearing blinders and forcing tunnel-vision. The CHC could care less about blacks in America, Asians in America or whites in America. They only care about their chief constituency; Latino-Americans and their “communities of color”. This is what is wrong with the so-called American Congress in this age. The so-called American Congress is a splintered and fractured entity of self-interest groups; working in disharmony and disunity. The CHC is working especially hard to eliminate any obstacle they see in American immigration policy that even remotely could be construed “anti-Latino”.

The CBC is no less nefarious except that they’re all Democrats, extreme liberals and mostly socialists and should a black, conservative Republican representative try to join ranks with the CBC; the laughter, derision and rejection become palpable.

My question to Congress would be why they even permit such atrocities as a CHC and a CBC? These two groups are counterproductive to unity. Neither agrees with the other on domestic law. Each is fighting for their piece of the American pie for their private constituencies and to hell with whatever the majority of real Americans might think of their infighting. Neither group agrees that immigration laws need enforcement. Of course that is in full agreement with Obama’s policy of “Don’t ask! Don’t build the fence.” Did I not see an article that Obama is cutting more than 300 border patrol positions? Yeah, I suppose cutting border agents will stem the tide of illegal border-jumpers, just like adding a multi-billion national health care plan will not add to the national debt.

Hey! America voter! Can we get some real Americans in Congress in 2010? Can we get rid of all these morons who want to be Hispanic-American, African-American, Asian-American or even Homosexual-American? If they want to hyphenate, can you ask these morons to make their choice to be one or the other? Then, if they choose to be other than American, can you just vote their collective hyphenations out of office and get someone in that seat who chooses to represent ALL Americans equally? Or is all that too much to ask?

These “wise Latinos” have got brass. I wish they had brains. I wish they represented me. I am an American. I care about my country and I do not want to see my country overrun by illegal border-jumpers from anywhere in the world. I want immigration done legally. If someone jumps my border I want them caught and punished. The only thing my current president should tell the CHC is: “No. I will not “immediately terminate” a program that works to protect America.”

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