Why Is Obama Failing So Soon

By: Ken Hughes

The failures are mounting up for the Obama administration; this week was a particularly bad week. Obama flew to Denmark assuming no one would turn down an American president only to be the first nation rejected. There’s no way to spin this other than a total rejection of Obama and group were out of the running before the ill-fated flights ever took place. We can’t blame Obama for the loss the international Olympic committee is beholding to no man. They survive in a cocoon protected from the outside world. Corruption and graft are known to be a big part of being awarded an Olympic franchise. Maybe Chicago didn’t come up with the bucks necessary to satisfy the committee. The only thing we can blame Obama for is being irresponsible arrogant and naïve.

For the past year and a half Obama has had the national media under control, basically they reported what they were given by Team Obama. Team Obama didn’t learn one of the first rules of Washington, when the fuel runs out and the fire goes out the media finds new fuel and new fires. Now rather than the media circling Obama protecting him they’re circling punching him along with the rest of the information providers, [i.e.] Cable News, Talk Radio and the Internet. For the first eight months of his presidency Obama traveled America and the world apologizing for all of Americas past actions, good bad or insignificant. When Obama became president he soon learned most of the world leaders didn’t care who he thought he was, their course was set and Obama wasn’t about to change it. Regardless of media hype being President of the United States isn’t the same as being the head guy all over the world. Presidents earn their presence on the world stage it doesn’t automatically come with the job.

Understanding Obama

Barack Obama has spent his entire life reinventing himself. He was abandoned by both his father and mother at an early age and turned over to his grandparents to be raised. He was neither white nor black therefore he became the kid with no cultural ties looking in at others who belonged. In order to fit he was forced to pretend to be something he wasn’t. From some of his statements it is obvious he was more tolerated than accepted by his grandparents. This gave Obama the opportunity to be all those things he knew deep down he wasn’t. Obama grew up living in a fantasy land of his own making where he was King of all he could envision.

When Obama came to the mainland to attend university he was forced to make a cultural choice, would he be white, mixed or black? For Obama becoming black was like learning a different language he would always be black with a foreign accent. Having been raised in a middle class white family made Barack Obama the perfect mentor for many of the affirmative action students he would encounter throughout his time at the various universities he would attend. For the first time in his short life Obama belonged to something he no longer had to perform for attention. Obama’s mentoring brought him to the attention of the Vast Black Conspiracy growing in strength across the country.

Obama was the perfect representative of the Black Cabal inching its way into the national political structure. The first step was to create an image of an Obama that isn’t, this was done by using the media as a propaganda source, and nothing was spared. Obama was elevated to near deity status something only the national media could accomplish. It’s still questionable if the media was paid, coursed or brainwashed into believing the fabricated hype surrounding Obama, he was well on his way to becoming one of Americas black icons.

Barack Obama ran for president on promises of making all that was wrong in the country right however most of his promises were ambiguous and vague at best. We were asked to accept he knew what was best for the country, even though Obama was lacking in experience he seemed to be a better alternative than 20 years of McCain failures. Running for the office of president Obama made a number of flowery promises none of which he’s kept. In fact Obama’s circumvented the constitution in ways no previous president has ever done, all the while congress and the courts bicker over trivial matters that don’t amount to a hill of beans.

Obama promised if elected he would bring a fresh new prospective to government, a promise he’s kept. I don’t think the public understood his meaning when he made those Pollyanna promises. Obama’s new prospective was a dictatorial presidency powered by his brand of socialism. Obama got up and running by bashing the old America and praising our advocacies that’d already installed socialism in their respective countries. After nine months in office the only dictators still cozy with Obama are the Castro Brothers and Hugo Chavez, the rest are literally giving Obama the finger.

Obama is a master of manipulating words, he has a unique ability to say one thing and make it sound like something else. When he promised to bring what he considered the best and brightest to Washington to advise him with decisions the public assumed he was referring to his cabinet that’s the traditional way. When in fact his cabinet is irrelevant in his administration, he relies on the czars he’s appointed without the benefit of congressional approval or oversight. Czars have been used by previous presidents but not to the extent Obama is using them, at present there are 32 and counting. Obama’s czars have unlimited power and are accountable to no one except Obama, that isn’t how it’s supposed to work. We the People not the President……. are the ones in charge and in this administration the people are not only shutout they’re told to take a seat and shut the hell up.

Obama is losing strength by the day and by the words he speaks. He can only reinvent his presidency a limited number of times before the public turns on him and his party. In the 2010 mid-term elections Democratic congress persons will certainly be the ones to pay the price for Obama’s arrogance and inexperience. If Obama is smart he’ll take the Olympic loss [on the first ballot] as an omen of things to come.

Wake up America you’re being sold down the river and for what so your great grandchildren can clean up the messes being made today? Stand up America and let your voices be heard.


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