World Stalls Obama Coup

By: Eddie Clements

Foreign policy is as labyrinthine as the underground of a fire ant mound – only more so. When explained to me, some foreign policy moves or diplomatic language made by nations’ representatives become clear, but I might not have seen it on my own. Yet the need is felt to engage in some wild speculation as to the whys and wherefores of recent misadventures by the president of some Americans.

The estimable Mark Steyn, substituting for Rush Limbaugh on the radio, made a telling comment the day after President Obama’s ill-fated speech before the U.N. He said this is the first president who seems to feel the job is too small for him. Spot on, and perhaps an insight into the accomplished snake-oil salesman’s long term goals.

I wondered: does Mr. Obama seek the job of Secretary General of the United Nations, after dispensing with his current pedestrian duties?

Let’s face it, re-making America is coming all too easy to the Deceiver-in-Chief. Between a complicit press and negligent Congress controlled by Democrats, the country is smoothly gliding along the rails on the fast track toward a collectivist banana republic. It is complete with corrupt officials, fearful and venal corporate executives selling out capitalist principles to save their own derrieres, and enforcement arms too steeped in authority-obedience to register dismay at the abandonment of equality under the law.
Throw in a few “Obama is the Greatest Since Great Became Great” sing-alongs by school children, capture of college and housing loan programs by government, a staff full of nutso- wingo wack-jobs at the White House, and you have the subjugation of America under the jack-booted heel of progressive-fascism at full throttle.

So we can only imagine that Obama has planned all along to export the progressive-fascist collectivist agenda to the whole world, thinking, “America was easy; what’s next?” He sees a real advantage to ridding the world of nuclear weapons – a dream of fantasists since they were invented.

This dream is unrealizable, but it is a plank of the far-left platform. Other planks include wealth redistribution, universal housing and health care, and retirement pensions. All of these are aimed at satisfying the public while maintaining order within nations and peace among them. This sets up the rhetorical trap for whoever opposes these things; “You don’t want peace, security, and and a good life for everyone?”

So Mr. Obama, the rhetorical master, figures he will be the one to save the world. That’s what I speculate he thinks. Further, his success in obtaining the presidency would indicate to him that it is a possibility, that from a perch at the United Nations he would have a forum to push the far-left agenda onto what he perceives as a world ready to receive it.

Not so fast. Before this was finished, events have occurred that throw cold water on the above speculation, assuming it was even accurate.

The latest is the miscalculation concerning the Olympics. Rush speculated that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley put him up to it, calling in some markers for past favors done for Obama in furtherance of his political career. That is possibly the only reason Obama could not have refused. I would say that Obama has enough hubris to refuse anything he doesn’t want to do, but political realities are beginning to bite him: failure to close Guantanamo, retaining Bush’s anti-terror policies, wavering on Afghanistan and a public option for insurance, to name a few for which he has been attacked from the left. His response, or indecision, to these and other issues suggests the left has a powerful hold on Obama. Obama IS the far left; in listening to the like-minded he is tweaked by his own conscience.

The Olympic debacle will only matter to the left insofar as it impacts adversely on Obama’s image, which they will/are trying mightily to protect. The progressive-fascist left, both in and out of Washington, and the meretricious media, have nowhere to go but Obama. They sink or swim with him.

World leaders at the U.N. are a different story. These ain’t no starry-eyed leftists fainting at Obama rallies. Among nations not so friendly to us, there are men, and some women, who are ruthless, cunning, flinty-eyed realists. They don’t see Obama as the epitome of hope and change, like his American supporters. They see any American president as a person who is potentially like themselves and must be dealt with accordingly. They probe for weakness; “We hope Obama succeeds” will not be an issue among them. By now, they have seen and heard enough from Obama to most likely think he can be rolled pretty easily.

Iran faced little difficulty in getting what they have gotten all along – no action, more talk, more time. They have an agenda just like Obama does – but those agendas diverge significantly, and Iran needed to know how far they could push without resistance. Now they know. They will finagle ways to get their nuclear weapons, regardless of what Obama wants – unless some precipitating wild-card event prevents that. Read: Israeli intervention.

Obama has revealed who and what he is by pushing away our friends, like the Czechs and Poles, while comforting our enemies, like North Korea and Venezuela. The British are no doubt put off, as are the French and Germans. He has failed to gain Russia’s solid cooperation, and strained relations with China, our nervous banker. All this suggests he won’t be taken seriously as a force on the world stage. Even Obama must see by now world leaders will be much harder to fool than his American supporters.

Obama may or may not have envisioned himself as savior of the world, but there is no reason to underestimate the vision of one who overestimates himself. The problem with such overestimation, however, is continued reaching for the unattainable. That Democrats in Congress and Obama himself have overreached is obvious to the rest of us, but not to them. They can still do much more damage domestically before we can rid ourselves of the toxic progressive-fascist virus. For him and Democrats to press their dream will turn into a nightmare for Americans.

We can only hope recent events have given Obama pause to think he has limits, and reign in his ambitions. But even if not, the world looks resistant to the collectivist dream.

Eddie Clements

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