Pants A-fire

By: Eddie Clements

I hope it is not too late in the ongoing overburdened news cycle to express support for Representative Joe Wilson. He is not my district’s rep, but he is from my home state of South Carolina. We would like to thank all of those out-of-state contributors to the campaigns of both Mr. Wilson and his opponent; our state’s economy appreciates your generosity.

Congressman Wilson has been harshly criticized for yelling “You lie!” at President Obama during his joint speech to Congress. That speech presented some particularly egregious distortions of information surrounding the health care legislation issue. If the old “Liar, liar, pants on fire” chant were realized, Obama would have to have been hurried off to the burn center for emergency treatment. Of course, under his health care plan, he might’ve died in the waiting room.

Those of us who oppose Obamacare as the pseudo-plan it is have felt the same frustration as Mr. Wilson, which was no doubt the cause of his outburst. My television has felt the sting of many such cries of exasperation directed at the intolerable voice and visage of “Snake-oil Barry.” It doesn’t accomplish anything but it sure feels good.

President Obama’s statements are contradictory, his behavior elitist and self-absorbed, his associates past and present hold views opposed to those of a large majority of Americans. His agenda is not hidden, but the word construction is cleverly put together to obscure the true meaning.

Mr. Wilson violated House rules. OK, the rules are there, he knew them, case closed. He did the right thing by apologizing. No one, president or otherwise, should necessarily be called out so vituperatively in polite public circumstances. Nevertheless, I am proud of Congressman Wilson for his intolerance of outrage. The meretricious media concentrates on his words, but what Wilson really said was “Enough of this nonsense!”

He messed up. But not that bad, not enough to merit so much as the ceremonial wrist slap Democrats voted on, given their proclivity for venal hypocrisy.

Democrats demonstrated one thing clearly in the whole episode: they need to go.

Vote ‘em out, all of ‘em. Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Rangel, Dodd, Frank, the whole bunch – disappear them. Get that nasty group of sociopaths as far from power as possible, never to return. Nuke ‘em; only way to be sure.

Luminaries such as Glenn Beck have made a credible case that we need only those elected officials dedicated to the principles of our country’s founding, regardless of party affiliation, which should be secondary, and that both parties are guilty of dereliction of duty. I agree, but with one caveat: how to find conscientious Democrats?

It’s not that conscientious Republicans abound. It’s that we have a two-party system, and one is demonstrably worse for us. Therefore only one refuge exists to escape political terrorism from Democrats at present, and that is Republicans.

Hey, yeah, it hurts to think that, what with Olympia Snowe, Useful Idiot – Maine betraying the republic at every opportunity. At least Specter is gone. And yes, we in South Carolina will have to work at dumping Lindsey Graham in favor of a principled, conservative non-McCainanite senator. McCain is popular here because of his military service, but his presence in the Senate yields ever-diminishing returns. Graham attached himself to McCain, so his ouster is problematic. But there is growing dissatisfaction, offering hope. Woops – I mean, optimism. Don’t want to use the enemy’s language.

Enemy? The Democrats are enemies? Of freedom, capitalism, prosperity, religion, order, family, tradition, and more – yes, absolutely. They are a domestic enemy. As implied above, they have cynically manipulated the public’s emotions to try and impose an agenda Americans literally can’t live with.

Democrats as a whole party have come under thrall to the extreme left, whose candidate is now president. There is talk in media of “independents/moderates who helped elect Obama” now undergoing buyer’s remorse for casting their votes in his favor. But as long as money feeds politics as mother’s milk feeds a child, rich useful idiots will donate to Democrats, offering them advantages. The feelings of independents/moderates may make little difference.

The only recourse is public involvement. We have a center-right nation, so a majority is in place to effect reversal of the most dangerous elements of the left’s agenda. It can be done, but do we have the will and the stamina? I must admit, Obama wears one down with the constant onslaught of words. That’s part of the strategy, you can be sure. It worked for Fidel, it worked for Adolph, why not Obama?

A key element in defeating the left – and they must be utterly, completely defeated – lies in fending off this ongoing charge of racism. This is used as a club by the left to end argument. It has become far worse since elevating Obama to the presidency. The meretricious media – and a former president – piled on Joe Wilson, Southerners, conservatives and Republicans in general with the baseless assertion.

While we can’t control what the other fellow says, we must still deal with the charge when it arises. Deflect, ignore, or something else, but don’t be swayed from the subject, because the point for the accuser is to throw us off our game. If he accomplishes that, he wins. The left must never win.

Does that mean sincere liberals have nothing to offer? No, it means the progressive-fascist FAR left offers only chaos and nihilism, nothing of enduring substance. So, one strategy may be to separate the sincere, serious liberal from his loudmouth public persona, the far leftist, by pointing that out.

President Obama seeks to project this image of the conscientious, weighty liberal as opposed to the radical leftist. This is breaking down, because Obama can run but he can’t hide. Even us dumb hicks in SC who like to chew terbacky and spit in the grass know an un-American when we see one. Anybody who’s been to anything more than a goat-ropin’ at the county fair knows the difference between a fudging politician and a serial misleader.

For one, that would be Congressman Joe Wilson.

Eddie Clements

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