The Upside Down World of the Left

By: Craig Chamberlain

Liberals love to portray themselves as rationalists, the coalition of reason, which pits itself against the forces of superstition and religious faith. They are Galileo, we are the inquisition, at least that’s how they see it. The reality of it doesn’t fit quite so nicely with their propaganda. For all their talk and their beliefs they act in a most unreasonable, not to mention amoral, manner.

We need only to look to Washington and are current cadre of leaders to see that liberals are really a bunch of lunatics. These leftists parasites are doing everything they can to destroy our republic from within. Their rationale is simple, when America is confronted with a threat, you side with America’s enemies. If anyone questions their motive they must be racist or unpatriotic. That reasoning is hypocrisy on the highest level. For years these parasites lectured us that dissent was the highest form of patriotism(a quote they took from Howard Zinn, and attributed to Thomas Jefferson) and that it was absolutely evil to question the patriotism of another American. Now that they are in power they have suddenly forgotten the last eight years of tantrums and rants that they subjected the American people to. Now it’s a whole new set of tantrums and rants. Question health care reform, you’re racist. Disagree with President Obama you must be unpatriotic.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. This has always been the game of the left. They insist that they get to set the rules, and they get to control the debate. It’s because deep down they know that they don’t have a chance in a fair fight. After all a group of wannabe totalitarians, hell-bent on ruining the United States of America doesn’t have much of chance if they can’t silence their opposition.

But if you need proof that we are being led by unreasonable and dangerous people you only need to look to their actions that they have taken. Our troops in Afghanistan are up against it, and the commander in chief can only spare a few moments of his time for the commanding general on the ground, after all he has to go and try to win the Olympic games for his home town. How’d that turn out for the messiah anyway?

Iran is aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons and all they can do is threaten sanctions that they will never be able to enforce. Barring some kind of military strike, or uprising against the regime(both very unlikely) we will certainly be faced with a nuclear Iran. It will be on President Obama’s head that he allowed a nuclear monster to be born and, most likely, many American lives will be lost because of it. Iran is not run by sane men. They don’t fear nuclear retaliation because for them it is a one way ticket to the afterlife and 70 virgins. Such beliefs tend to eliminate fear and restraint. But to the left there are far more important things for them to be dealing with. They have universal health care to pass, a fairness doctrine to impose, and net neutrality to work on.

The Parasites, in just under a year, have managed to suck to life out of the economy. They insist that greater regulation and more spending will lower prices and debt. How’s that for reason? Thanks to these degenerates, our debt has soared(not that President Bush or the GOP helped on that area), banks are failing because of their statist regulations, unemployment is up to almost 10%, our currency is losing value faster than the Democrats approval ratings, and they insist that the cure for government control is more government control. That’s like pouring water into a sinking ship.

Rather than confronting real threats to America it’s full steam ahead for their left wing agenda. After all who cares if American security is in danger, as long as the government is running health care all is well. I mean it’s rather obvious that the left would rather defend child rapists like Roman Polanski(if Polanski were a Republican Hollywood would have moved heaven and earth to get him in prison)than defend the United States of America. Who cares about the lives of soldiers? Art is under attack by right wingers! Get Whoopi Goldberg out their to defend the pedophile, who cares about Iran this is far more important.

But that’s the left for you. They never play by the rules, not even the ones they write themselves. It’s perfectly all right to defend a child rapist so long as he is part of your political movement. Apparently feminist groups have no problem with men behaving in a brutish fashion so long as they are left wingers.

I’m not shocked by any of this. Their unwillingness to defend America, their glee in ruining the economy, and their defense of a child rapist all the while insisting that they have the little guys best interest at heart. Such stupidity, irrationality, and hypocrisy should not shock anyone, but it should outrage everyone. The left works very hard at taking America down from within. They work at it every day. While normal people have jobs and families to worry about, they are hard at working trying to turn America into a nightmare run by the left.

We need to stay outraged by everything they’ve done and everything they’re planning to do. It didn’t take the Democrats long to show that they don’t live in the real world and that they aren’t fit to run this country. The people of America need to send them that message in 2010, or things will only get crazier.

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