By: Ken Hughes

These days there seems to be four factions to the Republican Party. From there is spreads out to the splinter groups. First there are Congressional Republicans who traditionally speak for the party, next come the RNC who are supposed to mimic the party line. Then there are the party members who are supposed to blindly follow the party line. And finally there are those Liberal Democrats and the Media who choose to speak for the Republican Party. For anyone who wants to know where the Republican Party is headed log on to one of the many liberal blogs. Liberals have as much as anointed Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as the GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential elections. Neither man could afford the pay and perk cuts.

Who’s speaking for the Republican Party these days? I tend to think it’s the grass root party members themselves. Congressional Republicans may have as much to worry about as Democrats in the next two national elections. From all we see and hear Congressional Republicans haven’t learned much from the last two elections. The RNC still sends out the same surveys they’ve been sending for years asking for my opinion in small print and a donation is large print. Those surveys have a tendency to make a person feel like a taxpayer, we’re only around for the money. Without substance and direction the surveys are meaningless

Congressional Republicans have done little to invigorate the party since losing the last two national elections. The new enthusiasm for electing more conservatives to congress is coming from grass root efforts across the country. The public not the old entrenched Republicans in Washington of the GOP/ RNC are the energy behind this new movement. The Republican Party was created out of frustration with the other half dozen or so political parties that existed in the mid 1800’s. The Republican Party was created in Ripon Wisconsin and / or Jackson Michigan depending on your beliefs. The need for a party to replace the Whigs didn’t come out of Washington it came from grass root efforts by concerned citizens from the hinterlands. This is precisely where the new Republican Party will come from. We the people are speaking and those politicians who aren’t listening will go the way of the Whigs.

State and County Republican organizations have a choice to make, do they continue their allegiance to Washington or do they join the masses who are assembling across America in defiance of the old Mustache Pete’s who’ve orchestrated the demise of the Republican Party? The new Democratic Party [aka] Liberal Socialists are destroying this nation not one tree at a time but rather the whole forest at a time. For as long as I can remember the national debt has been a subject of concern with the public. This 111th congress and the new administration have added more to the national debt in 8 months than all previous president had in their entire terms in office. No one can envision how far into future generation will be required to repay all this money spent so foolishly. The question is why didn’t the Republicans in congress put up a bigger fight when the ill-fated stimulus package was being passed, didn’t congress learn anything from the fiasco know as the Roosevelt New Deal legislation in the 1930’s?

President Ronald Reagan brought this country back from the edge of the abyss when he took over from the failed Jimmy Carter administration. Now nearly 30 years later the country is right back teetering on the edge of falling into the same disastrous economic craters Carter put the county in while our Republican Congressmen stands idly by wringing their hands bemoaning the liberal establishment. For the past quarter century presidents and congress have failed the people while their own status improves, they’ve become infallible in their own minds.

The blocs coming out of Washington are filled with hypothetical jargon about who’s the new head of the Republican Party. Right now the party is without a leader, the closest thing to leadership is the protesters at town hall and tea party meetings. They are the voice of the Republican Party not those Washingtonians who are playfully but not seriously jousting for the top spot.

The current Republicans in both houses of congress are between a rock and a hard place. Under the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi they’ve all but been shutout of the legislative process. Republican congressmen are now being pushed from two directions, one by a disgruntled public and the other side by a Democratic lead congress who will barely allow them crumbs. If Democrats control congress after the 2010 mid-term elections the National Republican Party is all but finished. Democracy has we’ve know it for over 200 years is finished and a one party system becomes nothing more than a dictatorship.

The 111th Democratic lead congress has passed legislation they have neither written nor read, they are relying on the so called experts to do the heavy lifting. An expert in Washington is like a consultant in the business world, they’re lackeys who’ve been tossed a bone to sustain them in between jobs. Rather than a legislative body congressional service has become a game of chess where winning and losing is less important than the moves it takes getting there. In recent years the art of manipulation is the very foundation of the legislative process to which congressional Republicans have become the experts at losing.

It’s time some Republican from outside of the Washington circle come forward and take charge of the leadership of the party. The left has been allowed to ridicule the leaderless Republican Party for to long. It’s time we in the party insist on a new non Washington solution to the party’s lack of enthusiasm. The current congressional Republicans leadership has failed the people out across this country and it’s time for change.

This isn’t an indictment of all Republicans in congress, there are many less fortunate who are forced for lack of longevity to sit on the side lines and wait their turn at the podium. The media often determines who gets recognized and who doesn’t. A more active RNC could do a much better job in forcing the media to be fair by using what’s available to them, Talk Radio, Cable News and sympathetic bloggers to hammer away at the one sided coverage by the national media. It’s time for action and not just empty meaningless words.

When candidates come begging for votes hold both of their feet to the fire. Make them listen and not promise things they can’t deliver. When all they can do is trash their opponent walk away. Candidates will soon get the message this election isn’t politics as usual.


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