The Baucus Plan Stinks

By: Craig Chamberlain

The way the Democrats are celebrating over the CBO report you would think that they have won the lottery. They’re gleefully proclaiming their victory, that there is no more need for debate and the only thing left for conservative opposition to do is roll over and play dead. Lucky for us things aren’t that simple.

The Democrats are Euphoric because, according to the CBO, their health care plan will reduce the deficit. Really? Let’s break it down and look at it factually. I know liberals react to facts the way vampires react to garlic so leftist parasites might not want to read anymore.

First there is the price tag. Baucus is talking about spending over 800 billion dollars as if he’s talking about loose change he found in his couch cushions. In the upside down world that’s Washington D.C. that might not be a lot of money, but in the real world that’s quite a price tag. It’s an even bigger financial burden when you consider the recession, an ever expanding federal budget that is threatening to drown us in debt, and that the price will inevitably be much higher.

In order to pay for this ponzi scheme Senator Baucus proposes deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid along with a 200 billion dollar tax hike. These will go into effect immediately, while any benefits will be delayed for over two years(just long enough for the voters to forget and for President Obama and the Democrats to win reelection). So the poor and the elderly will see their health benefits slashed, everyone else will see their taxes shoot up astronomically(don’t forget the Bush tax cuts expire next year, and they won’t be renewed, so tax payers are going to get hit twice) all to pay for a health care plan that will still leave tens of millions out in the cold.

This presents another flaw with the CBO’s numbers. It simply does not take political realities into consideration. There is no way that the government will be able to keep costs down, slash doctors fee’s, provide benefits to one group while denying them to another. Once the Democrats are done, they will seek to include everyone which will drive the price tag up even more, they won’t slash doctors fee’s, and they will keep promising coverage without increasing the supply of medical care. This will lead to rationing, higher costs, and less care. Name one country with socialized medicine that has been able to keep its costs low. The CBO doesn’t take that into account, so the American people shouldn’t trust their numbers too much.

Despite what the parasites in Congress say, we can’t afford this. Eight hundred billion is a lot of money, and it will be more than that in the end. The tax hikes that will be imposed on us won’t do anything but prolong a recession, put less money in our bank accounts, and weaken our economy further. None of that sounds like anything that will lower the national debt.

As the government will inevitably keep expanding the program, the costs will balloon to uncontrollable levels. There is no way that you can spend 800 billion dollars and actually save money. Nations with socialized medicine are finding that it is very difficult to pay the bills, despite the promises they might have made to their people in the beginning. More and more of their budgets is funneled into paying for an inefficient, ineffective, and incompetent system that drains money, creates a vast bureaucracy, but doesn’t actually provide care. If America allows itself to be fooled by Senator Baucus, and the CBO we will have the same problems.

So despite the report it’s fairly obvious that there are still serious economic problems with this bill. But let’s set them aside. Even if such a plan would save money it would still be wrong. If it covered everyone, reduced the deficit to zero(which it won’t, let’s keep that in mind) it would still be unconstitutional, and would deprive the American people of an individual liberty and surrender much of their freedom to the federal government.

Americans have already surrendered too much freedom, and money, to the federal government. If we surrender again, if we surrender this much, we will have gone past the point of no return. That’s why liberals are so desperate, for them this is a winner take all opportunity.

Fortunately, the American people still understand that. Most Americans are still opposed to government run health care. They have enough common sense to realize that you can’t spend trillions of dollars in a bloated federal budget, hundreds of billions in a wasted stimulus program, and hundreds of billions more on health care, and expect to save money. They also know that if Washington takes over health care, their medical decisions will rest on the whims of Washington politicians and bureaucrats.

Conservative politicians and ordinary Americans must continue their opposition to this health care bill. A bill that will nationalize a large sector of our economy, saddle us with debt for generations, and leave us less free. No matter what the CBO says, the numbers just don’t add up.

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