Obama’s Consolation Prize

By: Michael John McCrae

Gee! Get rejected by the Olympics Committee and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee takes up the Obamania mantle and awards a Peace Prize to another democrat moron.

I have seen the Peace Prize go to a Palestinian Terrorist (Yasser Arafat) and a major Palestinian terrorist sympathizer (Jimmy Carter). I have seen the Peace Prize go to a sham democrat who believes he’s God’s gift to global warming and I’m expecting the next Peace Prize to be awarded to Hugo Chavez! It seems this prize has been so devalued that it is now only given as a consolation prize equivalent to second place for a high school science project.

Ronald Reagan did not get the prize or even share the prize with is Russian arch-nemesis Gorbachev. Gorbachev was able to keep all those kudos for himself for surrendering the Soviet Union to Reagan’s “Peace through Strength”. A 40-year “Cold War” won without firing a shot got Reagan nothing from the Nobel committee.

So now we must ask ourselves just what did Obama do to win the prize? If we are honest with ourselves we know the true answer is “Nothing”. Obama smiled a lot and talked a lot and received enough laughter, derision and scorn from the world’s dictators to fill several anti-American tomes. His one claim to Peace Prize fame is “hope”. Obama hoped a lot. He has forced great changes too. He has destroyed America’s economic system, and he hopes to change America’s medical system.

I suppose that now that he’s the recipient of a “Peace” prize, he’ll withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq; declare “Peace in our time.” Then hunker down in his bunker while the rest of America is blown to hell by radical Islamic murderous scumbags that crawl through the new gaps in America’s Southern Border; courtesy of his having stripped another 300-plus border agents of their jobs.

I could have won that prize. I have done just as much for world peace as the messianic Obama and my birth certificate is a matter of public record. My kindergarten records are available. My selective service card is not a forgery. I haven’t hired a battery of lawyers to keep my college records and papers under secret lock and key.

I suppose that will never come to pass. You see, I know a terrorist when I see one and the Palestinians under Hamas are terrorists. I know Iran has to be eliminated from the nuclear community because they will surely use the atomic bomb for world murder. I know communists must be confronted and not compromised with. I know Hugo Chavez is a crackpot dictator that needs to be confined. I know the United Nations is united only against American interests. I know that the only way to prosperity and job creation is through tax cuts and work-fare. Redistribution is not working; will not work and has never worked to bring prosperity to anyone.

So congratulations on the consolation prize Mr. President. You didn’t earn it, but neither did Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat or the Russian dude so you are in heady company. It is nice to know that sheer idiocy is not only not dead, but thriving on the European Continent.

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