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October 11, 2009

A view of what has happened to the purchasing power of the dollar in our lifetime

Filed under: Economics - 11 Oct 2009

By: Ben Cerruti

I ran across this graph at which I think every American should view. A picture is worth a thousand words and this one illustrates what the Federal Reserve System, aided and abetted by the Federal Government’s …

The Power of Humor: Posterior Observations from the Plains

Filed under: Politics In General,Potpourri - 11 Oct 2009

Do you still have a sense of humor? Can you still brake into a good solid laugh when the opportunity arises? Conservatives and the Republican Party, the party by which conservative values are most often found, are at risk of …

The Meaning of Change

Candidate Obama charmed inexperienced, poorly educated youth and disaffected elders with promises of an undefined abstraction called change. That change, we now can see, was to be forcible imposition of Obama’s true religion, secular socialism.